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A View from A Broad

Don't get me started

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That's Ms. Gangster Thug Bully Reviewer to you, assholes.

I used to post rules and bibliographies, nobody read them, and assholes were assholes to me no matter what, so why bother? Now my rules are really simple: if I warn you once, I'm pissed, and I don't like repeating myself. Don't come stomping onto my blog as anonymous, make a stupid assertion, and then fail to back it up. If you want to prove something, provide a link. If you're rude or conservative or both you have zero credibility here. I won't do your homework for you. Telling me smugly to 'look it up, what are you, stupid?' is standard Faux News robot shit and I won't tolerate it.

This blog belongs to a blue-collar liberal, a high school feminist, a pinko commie hippie godless combat veteran. I am Rush Limbaugh's worst frickin' nightmare.

I've been in the military for a good long while but I got injured in various tedious ways in Iraq, though I try not to complain too much about those things. If I write about them it's for the purpose of illumination from the inside of the maelstrom.

I love zombies, Martians, werewolves, apocalypses, shotgun houses, thunderstorms, cameras, cats, Shakespeare, languages, apocalypses and unpretentious writing, computers and gadgets, one-inch tall stuffed animals, and guilloche enamel bits and things. My greatest wish at this point, after a rough few years, is to either acquire or build a vardo, a gypsy wagon. Look it up. I'm done doing homework for people unless I'm feeling generous.

This is not a blog for beginning feminists, or for people unaware of their class bias. I've done my share of working for the upper classes, and it gave me a great fondness for Madame LeFarge. If you don't know squat about feminists, or feminism, and you came here from some conservative asshole's blog, it won't be pretty.

That's it. Don't piss me off by being stupid, but don't be afraid to comment, either. There's a good group of people here. Follow their example.

This is a good charity that traps stray cats, neuters, and releases them, then feeds them and watches out for them. They're reducing the number of stray cats on the street, as well as making their lives better. You can help them out with as little as a dollar. Spread it around, if you can.

My facebook, where I post links to Pets On Death Row. If you live in the New York area and want to help, there you go.

No, I'm not related to either of these businesses' owners. I just found them by chance and was impressed with what they do, often with very little. Please support them if you can.

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