ginmar (ginmar) wrote,

The only cure for Moscow Mitch is Carolina Reaper Viagra

So Mitch McConnell stood on the floor of the Senate and denounced the House bill to support renters, poor people, non-salaried workers, and workers who rely on tips as "an ideological wish list."

I love it when evil people inadvertantly confess. To Republicans, compassion and good economic sense are "an ideology."

Republicans treat poor people as if they're the bottom of the barrel, instead of what they really are: the backbone of the economy.

Give a poor person money, and they pay bills, they buy necessities, they pay rent. They make sure other people have jobs.

Give a millionaire any money, and he keeps it in an offshore account and hoards it. He avoids taxes at all costs, and he pays his workers as little as he can get away with.

Republicans like to help millionaires screw over their workers and everybody else who can't hire high-priced lawyers. Then Repubs tell those workers that the millionaires aren't the problem, it's their fellow poor people. Or they tell them that one day, they'll be millionaires too, so they better keep those crooked laws in place. (Reminds me of dudes who scream about Me Too. They might not have committed such crimes themselves---though that's doubtful---but they cherish the idea of doing so, and want to ensure that they can get away with it, too.)

"An ideological wish list." There you have it, folks.

Maybe he stores his Viagra too close to the Carolina Reaper sauce. Not that Moscow Mitch ever eats spicy food. He looks like he thinks gravy is a beverage. One can dream of earthquakes, though.

He's evil. The end.
Tags: carolina reaper goes with everything, moscow mitch

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