ginmar (ginmar) wrote,

So I heard some people are....

So Trump bragged---in gruesome terms----about how he got Baghdadi.

Jim Wright at Stonekettle Station said it was a good thing and that Trump did the right thing, or something like that----and a thousand people dropped him. Take a wild guess as to what those people are NOT going to do on election day, because, yeah, I can really see them holding a grudge that long.

So here are the relevant facts as I see them. Add them up and make your decision.

Trump betrayed the Kurds and let them be slaughtered just last week----in a region where loyalty and honor are paramount.

Trump allowed hundreds of ISIS fighters and supporters to escape as a result of the way he suddenly stabbed the Kurds in the back.

Baghdadi was a serial rapist and a vicious torturer who burned prople alive, beheaded them, tortured them, and committed so many atrocities that the English language lacks the foulness to adequately sum up the man. His absence improves the world.

Trump revealed operational details that could endanger future missions.

Trump revealed information that might identify the source who led to Baghdadi in his eagerness to sneer at Obama and brag about himself. He previously caused the death of at least one other source----the ISIS spy who exposed the "laptop battery explosives" plot that was known only to one or two people. He did this by BRAGGING to the Russian handlers he invited into the Oval Office, the way a weak person brags to try and prove how macho they are.

Trump also dismissed the dangers of freeing ISIS by saying, "They'll just go to Europe first," which is just so----!!!

Jim Wright said Trump deserved praise for getting Baghdadi. Yeah, he greenlighted the missiin and golfed through it. Trump's grotesque gloatimg is sure to enrage ISIS.

There you have it. You decide how it balances out----but whatever you decide, vote blue. The end.
Tags: baghdadi, kurds, opsec, stonekettle
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