ginmar (ginmar) wrote,

"Straight Pride"----because "incel nazis" isn't tuneful enough

Holy shit.

So you all remember that pathetic so-called "Straight Pride" parade a while back, that everybody who WASN'T a Reichwinger correctly pegged as a "Reichwing Incels Pride Undercover White Supremacy" parade?

Yeah, the Boston PD pepper sprayed all the antifa protesters, then arrested them, AND THEN one of the good ole boy judges refused to dismiss the ludicrous charges, which is like the KKK arresting NAACP marchers and charging them with "rioting".

No, actually, that's pretty much EXACTLY what happened. The judge even had one of the defense lawyers arrested when she attempted to read caselaw in court about how calling a cop "a pig" is a right and-----in the case of the Boston PD----merely truth in advertising.

All apologies to those of the porcine persuasion.

The judge----Richard Sinnott----was appointed by a Repub, and he is NOT one of those Repub judges that kind of pleasantly surprise you by actually *reading* the Constitution. The Repub governor who appointed him praised his "human rights record" without noting that "human" to Repubs means only "pale" and "male" and "Taliban without the turban."

Even by the standards of Repub hypocrisy, though, Sinnott throwing the book at protesters is like a whorehouse madam calling somebody else slutty. Turns out Sinnott himself *shot* a man, though he called it "self-defense" and *another* white dude got the charges dismissed. And shortly thereafter, Sinnott got sent to Iraq, which is exactly where you'd want to send a typical touchy hypocritical proto-Reichwing turbodouche, in case that war didn't meet your "fucked-up" requirement for the decade.

Note: all of the preceding and following remarks are deeply sarcastic, so don't @me, which ought to be considered NO DUH territory, because Jesus Christ, pal, who am I? (Was anybody else disappointed that the Sarlacc in RotJ wasn't some kind of sarcasm monster? No? Just me? Okay, moving on....)

So, anyway, here is some more sarcasm, while I dose myself with yet more tea because I have not yet discovered how much tea you can drink before you pee pure caffeine and then fishing in the rivers around your house becomes a brisk exercise in masochism.
Tags: antifa, boston, incels, reichwingers, sinnott

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