ginmar (ginmar) wrote,

Look at this pudge butt.

FYI, what he's laying on is a "litter enclosure" that's made out of pressed wood and covered with carpet. I sprayed the inside with FlexSeal---which was absolutely useless----and put one of those litter catcher mats in there, which DOES work. And then, of course, a litter box.

The dilemma is that first thing in the morning I scoop all the litter boxes, but also, the sun is irresistable as well, and so here we are. Time to have my tea.

I've started drinking tea agsin and I've noticed the stomach aches have backed off considerably. See? TEA SOLVES EVERYTHING.

On this foundation I shall build my church: tea, books, cats, REAL window seats for many hours of reading, and yeah, adopt don't shop.

Plus the first person who figures out a way to digitize ALL THE BOOKS will be a saint in thos church, complete with statues.*

*Okay, said"statue" might resemble old Barbie dolls, Beanie Babies, and action figures, but the thought is sincere.
Tags: religion
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