ginmar (ginmar) wrote,

Well, I was taking out the garbage and a wave of that dizziness hit me. I'm lucky I didn't break my neck. I landed on my knees, my bad shoulder, and my chin. I got my hands under me at the last second. Now that the ER has diagnosed my dizziness as "unknown" the VA is using thatas an excuse to brush it off.

That's my knee.

That's my shoulder.

In better news, I noticed that one of the ferals at the old house was limping on a badly-swollen paw, so somehow I went zipping down to borrow a trap. I also ordered tuna and cat nip from Amazon, which then managed to screw the pooch, because I put DO NOT FORWARD in the delivery instructions. This confused the driver so much that while he managed to walk from the truck to my door to slap a notice on my door, he could not deliver that $$#÷^*!! package. Instead, I was advised I could "pick up" my packages any time. About ten miles away. If I wanted to goddamned pick up the fucking things WHY DID I ORDER THEM TO BE DELIVERED?? UPS was impossibly shitty about the whole thing, blaming it on me for putting DO NOT FORWARD in the delivery instructions, because that confused the evolutionary cul-de-sac on legs they had driving that day.

This was a pain in the ass because I had ONE DAY to get a lot done and Ubering ten miles and back was not in either my time or financial budget.

Miracle of miracles, the kitty walked right into the trap. He is now neutered, vaccinated, ear-tipped, and the abcesses in his paw were drained and cleaned. I kept him on my side porch for several days till the paw closed up enough, but finally let him go because he looked so miserable.

He only looked slightly more thrilled AFTER the vet's visit, which I could joke about but won't, because it breaks my heart to see that liitle face.

And to put a capper on everything, my tenants---who signed an 18-month lease----gave notice a month ago but my property manager "forgot" to tell me, so they spent weeks lying to my face and sneaking out late at night with their shit.

You know what? Once I get the old house sold, I might just wait out the lease of whoever the tenant is at the time, fix up this one to my heart's content, knock out a door or two, and live in the whole place. Airbnb a bedroom or two a few times a month. Insulate the hell out of the whole house and rewire it. That might be fun. It's not like I'm not paying the fucking heat bill anyway.

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