ginmar (ginmar) wrote,

But the Nazis were socialist!

Yeah, if any Repubs try THAT argument just remind them that yesterday a Republican governor proclained it Nathan Bedford Forrest day. Forrest massacred hundreds of union soldiers---most of them black----and also started the KKK.

KKK? Nazis? One's local genocide, the other's international. What do they want? What would they do if there was no brake on their actions?

And, strangely, they love Repubs.

Signficantly, Trumpies have to go back 160+ years, before the parties switched places. And they deny that that happened. They also bring up Robert Byrd who renounced the Klan and was eulogized by the NAACP.

Then they disappear, because they know they're lying.

Trump came up with "fake news", which is the ultimate sign of defeat. Imagine what a snowflake you have to be to invent these complex fantasy worlds to prop yourself up. (I saw one gamergator create EIGHT disqus accounts named "ginmar" so he could do ....whatever it is you do when you lie because you can't cope with reality.)

They know EXACTLY what they are doing. Don't let them get away with it.
Tags: them, trumpies

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