ginmar (ginmar) wrote,


Dear Assholes Who Keep Repeating That Bullshit About Kamala Harris:


Fuck off with this shit. If you repeat this, this is your notification that you are knowingly, deliberately, repeating Reichwing bullshit promoted by shitsmears like Donald Trump, Jr., who is---in addition to being a fecal escapee from Senior's diaper----is also a sentient semen stain that was left out in the sun too long, resulting in a breakdown of the genes that give people actual chins.

It's like if you say "URANIUM ONE!" or "BENGHAZI!" or "PIZZAGATE!" I know who your sources are. I know where you go. If you consult those sources, you are rejecting facts and reality itself for the hatreds that you need to survive. I know, if fact, that you believe not the truth, do not verify facts, but soothe yourself with lies that you probably justify because you think it should be true.

Or maybe you want to believe you're important enough to be the subject of a conpiracy.

Spoiler: you're not.

Conspiracies are comfortable, they offer the solace that somewhere someone is in charge, and they prove your seventh grade teacher was wrong when she caught you beating up that fourth grader and she gave you that bewildering, almost pitying look as she grabbed you by the ear and took you to the guidance office.

The reality is far worse. What if huge numbers of people who grow up soaking and steeping in a culture get the same ideas because...they watch the same shows, read the same books, see the same TV programs, live in the same towns and they're not brought up to see that they're being conditioned?

And isn't it touching how misogyny always brings all sorts of disparate groups together to kumbaya about how evil women are? (If you can't tell this is sarcasm, get the fuck out.)

"Racism!" is the cry that certain politicians use to prove how woke they are. "Sexism!" gets lip service but it really makes everybody uncomfortable, because why pander to women, when everybody knows women don't deserve equality? Fighting racism usually centers on men, because men get killed more often than women by racists while women are subjected to various tortures that usually don't kill. This is all very rough estimation based entirely on the US. It's almost like some men like the idea that they inflicted invisible wounds on women that hurt forever and leave scars, which is why they let more of them live. So the suffering is prolonged.

That's why hatred of women burns so bright among all groups of men. You can hate other groups of people, keep them isolated and at a distance, but you need to keep a certain number of women alive. (This is why MRAs, incels, MGTOWS, and other professional misogynists fantasize about "artificial wombs"----so they can go all Screwfly Solution on women. Finally. Think I'm exaggerating? They call women "foid" and "roastie" and brag about and/or plan sexual assaults.)

What it all boils down to is that this shit has a history.

This will be your only warning, numbnuts.
Tags: fuck these people, kamala harris

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