ginmar (ginmar) wrote,

I'm trying to avoid coverage of Der Donald, frankly, because who needs an ulcer? Except for the protests in London. Good for the Brits.

I'm waiting for the shoe to drop. What's the next step? Trump and Barr refuse to cooperate, how do you make them? Can Barr be arrested? Jailed?

Trump thinks the entire US is his to ruin, plunder, and loot. He thinks Barr is his employee and the DOJ exists to protect him. Oh, yeah, and he wants to erase everything Obama did, because he's a weenie whinyass babyman.

He thinks refugees are job applicants who won't accept that he doesn't want to hire them. That TV show really fed his appetite for attention.

I wrestle with whether he's conscious of it. His lies are so blatant and so vicious that their effect can't be accidental. Of course his lies are at the level of a second grader. "No puppet! No puppet! You're the puppet! I didn't say "nasty." Hillary started it. I have people in Hawaii now, it's stunning what they're finding."

And his followers HAVE to know they're lies.If they were true believers, they wouldn't be trolling, like he is. It's pure malice and evil. It's right there every time these delicate souls scream with outrage that there is a black man and a woman in Star Wars, or that Bree Larson dared to point out that the press corps was all male. They want everything to be all white male. That's the point. They want men to have all the admiration and the power, while they force everyone else to obey them for scraps-----but make sure you grin when you do it, because these tyrants see their inadequacies reflected in any effort or sweat or pain their hostages let slip. Ever wonder about the "Cool Girl" who brags she gobbles five cheeseburgers every day and never works out and effortlessly maintains her size 0? Yeah, she's lying. Ever wonder about those guys who just HATE hearing about women working out, starving themselves, and all that so they maintain the skeltal thinnness these bros demand? Notice the "skinny mommy EASILY loses baby weight in weeks" trope? Yeah, that's the same thing. Men demand perfection from women. They don't want to see the effort it takes, so they demand women pretend it's effortless. That way they don't have to deal with what selfish assholes they are. That's why they demand women smile and fake orgasms. It's just that women don't count as human to these guys, so when women speak up, it's like a chair acting silly and demanding men not sit on them. They're offended.

It's even worse for black women. White men think black women are carpets under their feet. That means white women become complicit, not to take the metaphor too far. Black women get it from EVERYBOODY, and it's so all-encompassing, brutal, total, and yet often spiteful that it requires its own discussion, because there's nothing like it. Metaphor is too cheap for that. Only brutal details can convey the breadth of that horror----including the betrayal of black women by white women.

So this is what the Trumpers want. Are you ready to fight?

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