ginmar (ginmar) wrote,

Get your flu shot, people

So I have had the genuine flu for two weeks at this point. I say "genuine" because Miss Havisham claimed she'd had the flu as an excuse not to feed the cats, and now I know she was so full of shit her eyes turned brown.

As always, this is just a statement of fact. No need for "sorry you've been sick." Over it. Pissed off, really, because I have shit to do and when I changed the litter boxes, I kept greying out so I had to sit down. Pain in the ass. I HATE being sick. Can't read, can't watch TV, can't do shit.

The flu is awful, and I don't even think I got a really bad case of it. Dizzy, coughing, chills, nausea, stuffed-up head, constant headache, horrible cough, wheezing for breath, unsteady on your feet to the point of stumbling, and so light-headed as to gray out? Yeah, she had none of that. The cats get fed. The end.

Last time I had the flu was in 2004, when it went through the barracks in Texas and hit everybody. Texas was cold, wet, and there was a Bible-thumper two bunks over. Just shoot me now. "Is that a good book?" She asked me once, maniacally grinning.

"Yeah, it's great, it's by----"

"I have a great book, too!" She bulldozed in. "It's called THE BIBLE."

Beware the man who has read only one book," goes the phrase. Is your faith so delicate that any contradiction would shatter it?

Whoops, no caffeine yet. Why can't they add caffeine to flu shots? To desserts? To everything?


Seriously, the flu is awful. I'm still not over it, but hppefully I'm on the upswing. I still can't hear out of one ear, and I walk like I'd fail a sobriety test, but I've gotten my flu shots every year but this one. If you can, remember herd immunity, and you can avoid looking like an extra from The Walking Dead.
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