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God, get your frickin' flu shot. It's been two weeks, and it's only the last few days I can go for a whole hour without coughing.

Today, I reeled out on the front steps to get the recycling bins, after setting them out last Monday.That's how weak I've been. They pick up every two weeks and I recycle everything I can. I usually wind up recycling shit tons of cardboard, because OMG, thank Gawd for Chewie's prices on cat litter. It's just SO much easier to get it delivered.

Still really dizzy, still getting blazing hot and freezing cold by turns. I dumped out two litter boxes, cleaned them, got the bags of dirty litter as far as the back porch, then had to sit down abruptly while little white stars danced around me.

Still stuffed up and coughing, but it feels "softer." I found I had twenty five bucks in cash, so I called the free bus service here and treated myself to water and grapes and potatoes. The bus service here is amazing. It's free for veterans and the disabled, plus they pick you up at your doorstep. Did I mention the "free" thing? Like, FREE?? TOTALLY FREE? And the bus drivers are pushing for longer hours, more routes, more stops, because that would be so much more convenient for the people who use the bus. Plus, it can't hurt for them to get more work, you know?

I got home and collapsed on the daybed in my sunny, silent dining room, only to wake up with piles 'o cats on me.

Then I discovered that it is, in fact, possible to eat TOO MANY grapes. But, still, it's a good sign. They're addictive.

Aaaaannnnd, God, I need a nap. Again.
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