ginmar (ginmar) wrote,

"extraordinary access"

Just so you know, Trump accused Nancy Pelosi of treason for saying "horrible things" about him

Why, yes, she called him an "extremely stable genius", which is how he describes himself. Plus a dig for when he started to act Presidential, she'd be happy to work with him.

THAT is how thin-skinned this whyass tittybaby is.

Now consider this. He's giving Barr access to intelligence including codes, names, locales. We've had a mole in the Kremlin for years.

Putin desperately wants that mole.

Trump has destroyed the US'alliances, destroyed our economic partnerships,cozied up to dictators.

He's already gotten agents killed. Remember the "laptop battery bomb" scare in 2016? Trump booted US press (who he calls "the enemy of the people") out of the Oval Office to usher Russian "press" in, along with Sergei Kislyak's entourage. He bragged about all the sooper sekkrit intel he had. That battery plan came from Israeli intel, and it had only circulated in a few cells when Dumpo blurted to Kislyak that they could even drink real grown-up drinks from the GROWN UP BAR in the White House, because all the grown ups were gone.

And shortly thereafter, several Israeli agents went dark.

Jamal Khashoggi was disciplined by the Saudi royals a few months before his murder.....for criticizing Trump. Now Trump is saying it's treason to say "horrible things" about him. Or "the truth", as it's called among grown ups.

Sleep tight.
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