ginmar (ginmar) wrote,

No such thing as a protest vote when it's not your rights

If ONLY somebody had fucked warned us!

I have the flu, so I'm on my frickin' phone, feverish, getting a headache from trying to focus my eyes, so don't expect italics or any fancy shit right now. Also, I fuvking HATE being sick. I have a new caulk gun. I know there's a few peoople who could use a rectal caulking but leave that to SNL, I guess.

So, fuck your protest vote. I don't care if you're a woman.

When a SCOTUS seat and peoples' basic humanity is at stake, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A PROTEST VOTE.

And now LOOK AT US.

You happy now? Got enough attention?

There was never any Uranium One. The emails were bullshit, as was whining over the war vote, because Bernie voted for a LOT of war-related stuff. Oh, but he didn't vote THAT ONE TIME FOR THAT ONE THING and when she says she regrets it it's because she's lying? Do you realize how Trumpian that is?

The sexism on the Left is worse than the sexism on the right because at least they're honest. The left is not. 2016: "Oh, I'd totally vote for Warren if I could!" 2019: "I just don't like her, she's not....likeable." While she has that vagina, you mean. While she's of an age where she doesn't fit in with any of those acceptible roles you have for women: young hotties you should feel guilty about,
potential dates, hot professors, maybe that divorced neighbor, that coworker you might fuck if you're given a chance....but any woman older than THAT? Older than you? Ew, disgusting, that's my mom's age, get it away!

And as for the lefty women who joined in that dogpile? You can throw as many other women under the bus you want, but you're still going to wind up there yourself. There's a lot of guys who tell themselves that they're not driving the bus, so they're not at fault for all those women, but they change the oil, fill the gas tank, rotate the tires, and pay the driver's salary.

And they hint that if "you're one of the guys" you might get to climb on and have a seat, instead of chasing after. Yeah, that's a lie, but it's better than dealing with the truth, which is that more men hate women than not, and on the left, the hatred is hidden by denial and cries of "reverse sexism". Lefty men have learned that they need Reichwing men because that way they can keep the bar low. Instead of treating women fairly, you get, "Well, I'm better than Trump, aren't I?" ------and then he goes off on a spittle-flecked rant about Hillary Clinton is evil, somehow, in a way he can't put his finger on. But he resents you asking, because you're supposed to take his word for it.

Ever notice how a guy can have one bad experience with a women and it's totally okay for him to hate all women? If a woman has a bad experience with a man, it's her fault. SHE did something wrong. He's taken out of the equation, kind of like how NOBODY is suggesting in any of these anti-abortion states that maybe men should be punished, too. Men who refuse tou use birth control or sabotage it. Men who *pretend* to use birth control, but discard it. Men who rape. Men who tell themselves it's not rape because "she didn't say no." Men who have one political party when it comes to women: keep power. That's all. Keep power.

And now they've done it. See, the thing those nice lefty boys don't want you to know it, even if they engage in big‐S sexism like the Reich, they still benefit mightily from ut. There's no refuge for women where they don't have to fight every bloody day. Sexism that keeps the standards for men low means women have nowhere to go, can't ask for better, can't trust men. If men REALLY gave a shit about women, it would be WOMEN who mattered to them, not their hurt feelings. "You were mean to me, feminazis, so I'm going to vote for Trump!" is not something an actually ally would say. This was a guy who got caught loading up his plate at Craft Services and got angry when asked to show his swipe card.

And now? Look around. How many dead women are walking around now, not knowing that they are the next Savita Hallapanovar or Gerri Santoro or Becky Bell or Rosie Jiminez.

When Becky Bell dued, anti choicers attacked her and her parents, trying to deny an illegal abortion killed her. Now they just don't care. They dismiss facts as "fake news", led by that dictator cock holster they call President.

The Trumpies like hurting people. They like that aspect of abortion. Stop trying to educate them. They know all this stuff, they just reject it because facts are a barrier to them, not a stepping stool.

The fake lefty "allies" try to co-opt it, make it a cause they can wave around, even though they had the chance to end it three years ago and refused. It just didn't matter enough.

So now the fight begins. What are you going to do?
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