ginmar (ginmar) wrote,

Mueller, Twitler, and the liberal male limbo

Let me get this straight. The Mueller Report totally exonerated Twitler, but he doesn't want it shown.

Yeah. Uh huh. That's like, "I TOTALLY have a hot girlfriend. She lives in....Canada. Yeah. You wouldn't know her."

Today, Stephanie Ruhle pointed out that one in six judges will be Twitler-appointed. Judges like the guy who released a school bus driver who raped a 14-year-old girl because there was only one victim. So, rape somebody, the first one's free? With ten, what do you get? The Presidency, two SCOTUS seats, the end of abortion rights, and a coup because it's not like somebody warned us, was it?

I thought then and my belief has only been confirmed since that when the "Grab them by the pussy" tape came out, that really helped Twitler's chances, at least among guys who think sexually-assaulting women should be legal. There's no political party affiliation for that one, not as long as liberal dewdz judge themselves against Reichwing predators and think that stubbing their toe on THAT low bar means they were wounded fighting for womens' rights, where's their cookies?

Can we end the pretense of explaining shit to Reichwingers? They KNOW ending abortion will kill women. That's their goal. Once that seal's broken, she's damaged goods. Notice how punishing impregnators is NEVER on the table? Yeah, if they DID think abortion was murder, those guys would be getting their scarlet letters on their chests, too, for depraved indifference or conspiracy or accessory before the fact. The way the Reichwing wants it, women get themselves pregnant. Guess unless a star rises over Bethlehem we're all fucked.

The only reason the RW is trying so hard to kill women is because they can't just haul us out to the parking lot and shoot us there, like they do in Saudi Arabia. Plus liberals will say nasty things about them, at least till the uppity women are gone.

You're not progressive if you use sexism to falsely accuse women, knowing that women still cannot accurately men and not be hated for it. And if you don't know this, you haven't paid enough attention. Yeah, don't @me, Berniacs or Johnny Depp fans. (And, no, half of DV victims are NOT men. That's pure MRA trash, why are you falling for it? Only CTS studies make that claim. Thanks for playing.)

The liberal poseurs need the Reichwingers so they look good by comparison. Meanwhile, remember all those dewdz in 2016 who'd "totally" vote for Hartis or Warren "if they could"? Yeah, they can now.

And they're saying the same shit now that they did about Hillary.

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