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Half the shit in my storage locker is *hers.* Went down last week and rented another van, and got a look inside. $172 a month.

I gave her notice to get her shit out of the locker and house and she thinks she can take over the locker account once I vacate it and not have to move her shit. But the management has to inspect it and it has to be empty. Plus I wonder if her friends are going to pay for her to Uber 200 each way? Sparkly fragile Munchausen-by-Proxy-Server-Princesses don't ride Greyhound. I can just IMAGINE her trying to tell somebody her absolutely fascinating life story to somebody on a Greyhound.

I finally ordered another trash can for the house because a dumpster would be too big and too expensive. I can put out the trash on trash day if fifteen minutes and have another full load in a few hours.

I found video of her bitching about me on the security camera and calling me a "fucking bitch" and saying something about the storage locker was me being "petty." I hear she's telling people that it looked like that when she moved in, which is odd, because I recycle obsessively, hate yogurt, carry out garbage, don't drink 2% milk, and clean litter boxes, and vacuum.

Another part of the video was her sneering, "Can you believe I paid rent here and she never gave me a key?!"

The day she moved out, she tossed the swt of keys I'd had made for her on my lap. You have to marvel at somebody who lies so easily and proficiently.She just says what works for her. The truth doesn't matter.

Her friends rented a moving truck for her and of course she manafed to make more mess on the way out. There were eight or nine empty containers of litter in her room, plus at least a half a dozen bags of dirty litter. I filled TWO vacuum cleaner bags on that carpet, and I'm STILL not done.

When I pointed out all the trash, she whined----in a very impatient, exaspersted, plantation princess way----"but there's bins outside!"

And HOW does trash get from the second floor to.the bins? Fairies?

She expected me to wait on her hand and foot. Do her dishes, wash her clothes, pick up her trash where she threw it, take out her recycling, take out her trash, pay her bills-----all the while with her whining and moaning about her "illnesses."

The security cameras tell a different story.

She strides around, bends over, picks up stuff, throws stuff, climbs over her mountains of shit, and there's nary a single moan or groan. And she calls me a bitch constantly, while she lies about me in the house she trashed.

I found THAT in my desk drawer after she moved out.

I had somebody comment that "This is the picture of depression and you're shaming her, posting these picturrs on the internet!"

Are you fucking KIDDING ME?

You know who's depressed at having her house trashed? THAT'S depression. Her chaos? That's raging selfishness and self pity.

I'm in the process of finding a new doctor. I was describing my headaches---flashing lights, blindness, light and sound cause agony, icepick stabbing pains----and the doc straightforward said, "Sounds like classic migraines."

I mentioned "levels", which is a reference to G.'s constant excuses: "I have a level 7 migraine today,"----while she plays on her computer, suts in the sun, reads her Kindle, snacks, (and then throws the peels or containers or tops on the floor), and watches TV----and the doc kind of shook her head like it was a stupid question. "No such thing." You either have a migraine or you don't.

Garbage day is tomorrow. She moved out three weeks ago. I'm STILL throwing out her trash, and just SCRUBBING. She better get her shit out of that locker by Friday, because the locker place requires notice. Who's going to sweep out after her shit? Who's going to MOVE her shit from my house? Are her gullible friends going to pay for that, too-----but not for the utility bills sge refused to pay?(She used to whine abojt how she had to repay the friends who rented the moving truck.....but not me. Never me. I guess once a mark exposes her for what she is, all bets are off.

Something else, too. I'm sure she has the aches and pains of age, but judging from the videos and lies, she exaggerates and fakes it only when there's witnesses. Oh, and she KNEW and approved of the security cameras because I kept having her adjust and reconnect them. She DID try and obscure them, though, as time went on.

She only sympathized wuth people to give herself a chance to talk about herself. We were watchibg a news story about those awful California wildfires and in seconds, she was talking about a flood that happened sixty years ago, in New York state, to HER. That means she changed the subject from one extreme to another, from one side of the country to the other, from the present to tge past, and from the many people being affected to.....just one person. Her.

I started bringing up the Cretateous Period just to see if she could make that about herself, too.

Every time I look at what she did to my beloved house----I love that house. And she almost literally shit all over it.

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