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In other news...

So I see people are ignoring the major, glaring, huge, implication in these ISIS attacks: car attacks and knife-wielders? This is not an enemy with any reserves of tactics, personnel, or plans to offer.

Meanwhile, a white guy----ex-Army----came up to New York to specifically black men. He killed one. "All Lives Matter" personnel are suspiciously absent from conversations about this. The guy apparently has long-standing ties to white supremacist hate grops, but Trump quietly removed those groups from hate group watch lists. Now they can operate with impunity. Their radio stations and youtube channels spew hatred and conspiracy 24/7, but they're white, so they CAN'T be terrorists.

And Trump is declaring that he's "vindicated" by the discovery that his people were inadvertantly surveilled as part of an investigation into suspect foreign nationals. The guy making excuses for him----Nunes----was part of his transition team.

Now, if you're an idiot (or a Trumper, but I repeat myself) you can call this "vindication", when what it shows is that Trump's people had a lot of meetings with foreign actors that various intelligence agencies felt compelled to observe.

Meetings which those Trumpers either failed to mention (Flynn) or outright lied about(Sessions).

Hm, if it were just golfing being discussed, why was Sergei Kislyak brought into Trump Tower in such a way as to avoid the constant press photographers? And why is Trump desperately acting like somebody who knows there's a whole wardrobe of shoes about to drop? So much for questions about collusion. If he didn't know-----but why is Putin (of all people) the only person he gushes over?----then he's so oblivious he shouldn't be president. The willfully stupid and the congenitally-idiotic have found their savior, however.

And I realized today that guys who whine about Mel Gibson or whoever when the talk is about some asshole black guy are just the "but her emails!" people with a tweak of subject. Bill Cosby raped 50+ women. Let me know how many women it takes before you give a shit. Saudi Arabia only requires four. At a certain point, a guy does such a horrible thing or so many horrible things to so many people that whatever he did before doesn't matter.

Oh. Shit. "People". I forgot, women still aren't people, even to men who themselves have had to fight to be regarded as such. And they think sexism is a fun thing they've been denied while white men got to have all the toys.

Certain people see this and scream, "You libtards want special standards!" No, asshole, we want the same standards that mediocre white men get. One standard for everybody. We want the same assholes who scream, "ITPG!" (Innocent Till Proven Guilty)about every rapist to appear when a woman gets falsely accused of lying about men who attack and harm women. I'm sure they'll be along any day now.
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