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A variety of things have been happening lately. And then there's the election of a lying orange fascist to the White House, a guy who lies pathetically, obviously, and often right after something he said that was entirely different. His obsession with the size of his inauguration is positively Freudian. Freud must be spinning like Nancy Kerrigan at the thought of all the summer houses and little midlife crisis cars he could buy off of Cheetolini's grandiosity and pitiful boasts.

How do you sum that up? He's been married three times and has five kids. Tell me a woman could get away with that. He just had to pay $25 million in the lawsuit off of Fraud U, a suit he said he'd never settle. He insulted Muslims, Mexicans, women, Gold Star families, little girls, the disabled.....Actually, stop right there. After that little performance he gave, mocking the disabled reporter like an overgrown orange schoolyard bully from The Little Rascals, that should have been it.

I just don't get how anybody could watch this flaming sphincter lie about any- and every- thing and either think, "That's great!" or watch him lie and think, "Who cares?"

The guy has driven a casino into the ground---and make money off it through complicated tax shenanigans. He refused to reveal his taxes. He lied so many times about Putin it's easier to point out when he told the truth. Which....must have happened, right? Somewhere?

He's been sued thousands of times for aggreeing to pay workers for services, then backing out on the deal.....because he could. He's even been sued by law firms who worked on those suits, because no one is safe from Cheetohitler's greed.

He's bribed two Attorneys General. He's filled his cabinet with billionaires and crooked slimebags who are supposed to destroy the very agencies they've been appointed to lead----all at the behest of a bloated red-faced day drinker Nazi named Steve Bannon, who you can thank for that venomous snake Milo. Funny how Milo attacked and libeled and harassed dozens of women over the years, but nobody gave a shit. Same thing with Trump and other white men. If you attack women, even little girls, well, that's okay because what else are they good for? Okay, Trump and Woody Allen and Polanski may have liked them a little young, goes the Reichwing thinking, but we have both houses and the White House, who cares about the pretense?

I sure hope the Bernie or Bust purists and the Sarandons feel happy. I notice they still haven't stopped telling lies about Hillary, though, so let me just say this: Shut the fuck up, you whining assholes.

Would Hillary have banned all Muslims?

Would Hillary have appointed all those billionaires to the cabinet?

Would Hillary have dissolved protection for trans rights? Smirked and used Nazi propaganda? I could go on, but if you seriously think "Yes" is the answer there you're a bigger asshole than Trump, and that's saying something, because you should be smart enough to face your issues and not project them on a world you just took part in ruining.

LIke I said, the bullshit here is too deep to wade through. I've been sick since the end of January and I frankly haven't had the energy. Fuck these Nazis AND their whiny little fanbrats, too----and oh, by the way, the angry little fuckers just HATE being called Nazis, even while they use Nazi propaganda and ban entire religions and dismantle the rights of everybody who's not a rich white racist dude.

They hate women----yes, even some of the women. No, I don't give a shit Milo is gay. He hates being gay. Nor do I care he fucks black dudes. He might as well be masturbating when he does so, because he's just fetisizing is unfortunate partners. Aside from which, his whole shtrick is, "Some of my best friends are....." except he's offering his services as that "black friend." He hates women. He hates black women. I wonder who he DOESN'T hate, because bile is all he's got, apparently. Even Breitbart booted him.

I'm sick of morons who say, "But I didn't think he MEANT it," and then whine about their Obamacare. The orange obscenity has spent HIS LIFE cheating people, screwing people, bragging about himself, getting sued, lying some more, and starring on shitty TV shows. And, apparently, assaulting women, although he seemed to want a cookie when he said he wouldn't assault a 12-year-old Paris Hilton.

And how stupid is he? "My inauguration was the biggest ever."

"You realize there are photographs, right?"

"Those are fake."

Yeah. Fake. Anything he doesn't like is fake. To that end he has waged war on the actual media, even while he bitches about the leaks.....but not the substance of them.

I can guarantee you one thing. From the moment his shoes touched the carpet of an Aeroflot plane to take him to Moscow, he was bugged. The golden showers tape was just the FSB's version of letting him know they were waving the most innocuous thing they had on him in public, threatening him with what's worse. My money's on a tape with an extremly young and small prostitute or something even worse---and he either can't perform or he does and it's violent and possibly fatal.

Putin does not mess around. He poisons first, sometimes non fatally, then he sometimes uses poison to kill. He likes public executions, though. And he'll kill his own to get what he wants. His excuse for the second Chechan war was the apartment bombings in the late Nineties that he blamed on....Chechans.

If he won't hesitate to kill his own to get what he wants, what won't he do to people who are nothing to him?

Putin, like Trump, is massively insecure. If you think he's bad as as a puppet master, well, consider him as an enemy. God help us if there's a personal falling out between these two incredibly insecure, vain, boastful, slimy men. They'll do anything to stifle the feeling that the image they think they present is not the image others see. Yeah, you're welcome for those nightmares. I didn't vote for this asshole.

The mango monster is so unforigivably stupid it boggles belief. One can only assume his followers are even more dumb, if that's possible. No, wait, I guess it is. "Oh, he didn't mean that!" The US Intel community so distrusts him that they're holding back intelligence because they're afraid it'll go straight to Putin.

And the hypocrisy! "EMAILS! BENGHAZI!" Well now you have an orange anus who decided on the Yemen raid over dinner with Bannon ----a peacetime Navy seamen who never saw action and Agent Orange's son-in-law, who also serves as a human shield for Cheetolini by playing the part of the "Jewish friend" to stem off attacks on the Nazi-like tenor of Bannon's Breitbart.

Dinner. Yeah, that meal that Trump also uses to discuss North Korea over, in full view of the unvetted public at his club, to which he charges access.

One SEAL died in that raid. Several others were seriously wounded, and God knows how many unarmed civilians---including children----died on the ground.

CheetoHitler tried to claim Obama approved the raid, but he did not. The risk wasn't worth the gain. So there you have a grown man of seventy, trying to tattle on another man.

I could go on and on and on. I won't.

Make no mistake. We need to fight for our country. We need to protest and hold their feet to the fire, and if they disconnect the phones, we'll show up at their houses. And if this cranky old soldier with agoraphobia, a nasty cough, and a bad knee can do better, too.

The spectacle with the immigrants made me see red. Can we trade gamergators and these nasty little edgelords for those immigrants, those translators to whom we made promises, the doctors and students, and tourists and green card holders.....All of whom come here because they believe the myth.

The GOP needs to be called on their bullshit. They claim to be patriots, but they hate the Consitution and never read it? They claim to be brave fighters of terrorists, but they live in fear and terror. They claim to be Christians, but they cast out the "foreigner traveller in your midst" and do anything they can for money, they take shelter from the homeless, medication and doctors from the sick, while they hate their neighbor and proclaim their 'faith' from the street corners. Jesus would have a horsewhip with their name on it, I think. In fact, the minute I see "Supporter the cops, Blue Lives Matter, Remember 9/11, Christian, Patriot, Milo, that Watson dude from Infowars, Breitbart, Sean Hannity," I know I'm dealing with one of these American nazis who inexplicably ALSO love Putin.

And while Agent Orange can't control who endorses him, he also can't deny that WHEN NAZIS AND THE KKK LIKE YOU IT MEANS YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING WRONG.

Christ, this cheeto on two legs attacked John Lewis---YES, that John Lewis----faster and more viciously than he ever used on one of his KKK followers.

I'm not even going to mention the Frederick Douglass thing because that was so stupid I'm afraid it might cause a rip in the fabric of reality. "I am Moron, the destroyer of worlds."

This has to be our level of engagement now. There are people who we have not backed up till now. Now we start.

It won't be fast and it won't be easy, but this is what we have to do. This is what it means to be a responsible civilian. Get up and get protesting.
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