ginmar (ginmar) wrote,

Kim K., Amber Heard, Amanda Knox, and Hillary: men falsely accusing women

How much overlap is there between the assholes saying "Kim K lied" and the "I just KNOW Hillary is lying," people, plus the "Amber Heard is lying" crew, along with the "Amanda Knox HAS to be guilty of SOMETHING!" crowd?

All these women have a LOT of evidence that they are being falsely accused, that they are telling the truth. Heard had video, photos, witnesses, sworn statements, and medical records, but all that proof just made people accuse her of being conniving. Knox, of course, was falsely accused by the Donald Trump of Italian law enforcement, a guy who hands out false accusations like they're party favors. Her room mate was the victim of a rape and murder by a local sleaze who liked to threaten people with knives. Prosecutors and cops took an instant dislike to the young, pretty Knox, and subjected her to abusive interrogation. Why? Why does the GOP hate women? Probably the same thing.

When the DNA came back, though, it pointed exclusively to Rudy Guede. The cops then offered HIM deals if he would just implicate Knox.

Strangely enough, people call Knox "racist" for accusing her boss, but that's not what happened, and even if it was, she was under duress at the time.

But NOBODY cares that Rudy Guede REPEATEDLY falsely accused Knox. NOBODY calls him a misogynist. Lying about women....well, that's just boys will be boys, innit?

Hillary, of course, has been falsely accused of all kinds of bullshit for decades, always by the sort of loser who has to denigrate anybody BUT white men. Themselves, in other words. It's just about impossible at this point to tell the liars on the left from the liars about Hillary on the right, because they tell the same lies. Hello, Berniebros, if you repeat the same rightwing shit that's been debunked for years, you are sexist. It's a lie and at this point your determination to demonize a woman proves you're sexist.

All those people who say "ignore the trolls" and "oh, it's free speech" (but they only EVER defend MENS' free speech and how they attack women with it) have inadvertantly created this. Proof used to matter. Now the neo-Nazis and the anti-social little edgelords are all over. "Ignoring them" (would you just shut UP about it already?) , it turns out, meant in reality, letting them rampage around without anybody stopping them, and now the GOP has turned into Gamergate, except with fifty- and sixty- year old losers on their third or fourth wife instead of incels in their mama's basement.
Tags: false accusations, literal witch hunts

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