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I'm watching the election crap with astonishment. For starters, there's Trump. The guy has six bankruptcies, three marriages, over three thousand lawsuits against him, a history of sexually harassing and denigrating women, a habit of refusing to pay workers, has bribed at least one AG, AND he won't release his taxes. He courts the New Klux Klan on the Block, his campaign managers have been a woman-abusing rage monkey, a Russian crook, and now a white supremacist with a history of racism, beating women, and every kind of hatred there is.

And then there are the people who claim there's no difference bewteen him and Hillary.

They call her a warmonger, blame her----and ONLY her----for wars, deaths, Presidential orders, rapes, her husband, warming.

Let's see, what is this called? For starters, it's false equivalence and it's lazy thinking. You just don't want to do the heavy lifting. Hillary Clinton is an extraordinary candidate who's being subjected to a smear campaign that's extraordinary. Trump is a Nazi. You're saying she's a Nazi. To me that says you are at best, lazy, or at worst, have designated Hillary as the repository for all your misogyny. (And it WILL spill over on other women, it's the nature of hatred.)

Trump accuses her of racism---Trump, who refused to rent to black people, Trump, who called for the execution of the Central Park Five.

Then there's Sanders. For thirty years, Sanders has accused women of voting for female candidates because they both have uteruses.

Then there's his refusal to reveal hos taxes-----while demanding Hillary reveal every last little thing. Worse yet was his attacks on her for "superpredator." She was not an alected official. She could not vote for tge bill. Bernie did.

Don't get me started on either Stein or Johnson. They want to be public servants, they say. Yet between elections, neither of these gadflies do anything for the public. They only show up when the cameras start flashing----once every four years. They have no history of service. They have no experience. Stein dogwhistles to anti-vaxx nutjobs. Threatening to vote for them out of spite indicates that you're eager to bash Clinton even though everything people use as an excuse is nothing but Repub propaganda.

The Boston Globe printed a story the other day that typifies the biased coverage.

It was about how, in 2009, the Clinton Foundation (which, as a charity, receives higher ratings than the Red Cross) requested diplomatic passports for a couple of staffers so that they could accompany Bill Clinton. This request was turned down. (Much like other stories of "favors for donations", the accusation is made, but it's never pointed out that that these requests were turned down.)

The Globe's source, Judicial Watch, claimed that Secretary Clinton took an undue interest in these events.

The article does not that that particular incident is when two hostages were veing held by North Korea. It does not point out that as Secretary of State, Hillary would have been remiss in not being interested in an international incident that required the intervention of a former President.

Judicial Watch is a group funded by the Scaife Foundation. I'll wait while you look that up.

Meanwhile, Trump's threats, lies, frauds, and everything else gets brushed off. Every accusation against Hillary is taken as fact. Don't kid yourself that this election involves just one man and one woman. Men have been accusing Hillary (and all other women) of horrible things, and other men (and some women) are eager to believe in those accusations. Meanwhile, when Hillary tells the truth (and she does so almost always) she gets called a liar.

Remember that the next thing some guy interrupts a conversation to whine that women.
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