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If you refer to Hillary Clinton as a warmonger, a bitch, a Republican, or evil, YOU are the problem, not her. She is nome of those things. She is a female politician who has been subjected to thirty years of vile attacks by Republicans. No, she will not be indicted. And if you justify some of this by claiming she was a Republican "in the Sixties", you need to take a good long look in the mirror. Clinton was thirteen in 1960.

All of these attacks testify to the fact that Clinton is being subjected to a far harsher standard than is Sanders. Remind me again when MSNBC convened a panel of women to criticize Sanders' cankles, his clothes, his hair----and his wife. Sanders knows this or should. If he does not, he is not fit to be President. If he does and uses it----thereby encouraging his vicious little followers----then he is not fit to be President.

In Nevada, the Bernie fans didn't trouble to learn the rules, didn't show up prepared, and when informed that the rules applied to them, they shouted "Bitch!" at Barbara Boxer. Then they demanded the rules be changed to benefit them. This is apparently what justice looks like. I have some arrogant little puppy on facebook right now, boysplaining to me that his sexism is totally new and exciting "not-sexism", because that would be inconveniant for him. Another smug asshole keeps threatening women with a Trump administration because we won't vote for their idol. "Look what you made me do" is abusive in any setting, and that's all that #Bernieorbust is. Extortion is what a lot of fake male feminists do to women when they want to be given all the attention of all feminists, everywhere. You know what a real male feminist does? He doesn't look for excuses to become a Republican, and he doesn't threaten to give up because we weren't his cheerleaders. Yeah, we don't need men carping at us, thanks. Go talk to men. Go talk to men who think that a man calling a woman a bitch backed by thousands of years of murder and rape isn't sexist because a feminazi once wouldn't let him pay for dinner (though he made it clear she better put out) or wpuldn't let him hold the door for her. (That woman also gets abortions at eight months, three weeks, and six days, when she's not ripping doors out of mens' hands. Call her Mary Celeste, the Flying Dutchwoman of ghostbitchez, eternally roaming the land, searching for doors to slam and dinners to scam.)

You know how you can tell a Hillary voter from a Bernie fan? I'll vote for him. His fans will not bote for her. The fact that they have to build her up as evil says it all. If she's evil, Machiavellian, devious, cynical, greedy, a corporate shill, a warmonger, then Bernie isn't just this mediocre old white radical who's like every guy ever who promises to do chores around the house and never does, and his fans aren't spoiled little white boys. No, if Hillary is evil, Bernie's mantrummy fans become victims and Bernie becomes a brave crusader.

But if Hillary is just a competant and (badly-attacked by Repubs and people who *need* to hate her)politician and woman whose opinions evolved over the years, then Bernie's brats aren't victims any more than Bernie himself isn't another career pol with little to show for it. It comes down to a practical woman who just won't bake cookies, who knows exactly what people are saying about her, and who knows how to compromise, because that's how adults work, versus a guy who might have good ideas....but ideas don't protect womens' rights and dreams don't let transgender folks use the fucking bathroom of their choice.

There are pure people in the world who would never deign to go to war, to do this or that. Funny thing is, wars happen anyway. You can wish for peace, love, and happiness....or you can fight when you must, and stop it when and where you can. That's realism.

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