ginmar (ginmar) wrote,

The men who don't ask

I posted this on Facebook, where you cannot do italics, and I don't have the time to change the capitals to italics right now. So frickin' annoying.

Boy, there are A LOT of guys who are REALLY determined to call women liars about rape. Crosses all population markers, ages, what have you. They are VERY invested in screaming that bitches lie about rape, along with obsessive repeating of ITPG. Funnily enough, women are never ITPG. Ever. All it takes for a woman to be damned is for any random dyde to say bad stuff about her. But these guys never get defensive and angry fraud. Or burglary. "Doesn't have the stigma of rape," say these dudes, as they call convicted rapist Mike Tyson oppressed or tragic or....stuff they never call women. Women are liars and men suffer tragic fates, like getting book deals, long sports careers, and the commiseration of their buddies, who no doubt nod sorrowfully over "crazy bitches."

I can only conclude that they are so defensive because they have guilty consciences. The FBI ----and EVERY reputable organization---has found for forty years that at most 8% of rape accusations are "unfounded". That doesn't mean false. It could mean the cops are lying assholes. It could mean the cops are rapists themselves. It could mean the rapist was a non-secretor or wore a condom. It could mean a whole bunch of things, but what it boils down to is, 92-98% of women are telling the truth about rape. 2/8% of men who claim they were "falsely accused" are telling the truth, maybe. That means 92 to 98% of men who claim that they were falsely accused are....rapists.

The funny thing about these twitchy guys, though, aside from the fact that they NEVER scream "INNOCENT TILL PROVEN GUILTY" about any woman, EVER, is that they *avoid* research like the plague.

It reminded me of a recent Captain Awkward column. Guy friend had once been told, "No, not interested in that way," by female friend. Totally awesome guy, too. Then he invites female buddy for visit. Keeps filling her glass. Then he starts feeling her up, groping her, getting into bed, refusing to stop. She had to physically remove herself before he backed off. But he never ONCE asked.

Because he ALREADY KNEW. She'd refused him already. He didn't ask because she'd told him no months earlier. "But she didn't say no" now ought to feel really damned sinister.

And these guys, who promote the bigotry that women lie about rape, they NEVER look up the studies, the research. Just like that guy who didn't ask.

They know. They know what the answer is already. What kind of man promotes the idea that women lie about rape? What kind of man
benefits from the idea that women lie about rape?
Tags: lack of research means something, rape

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