ginmar (ginmar) wrote,

The gun nuts on Jenny Trout's blog

Jenny Trout posted this phrase on her Twitter yesterday: "My child is more important than your gun."

This outraged assholes for whom guns are penis substitutes. They like to make threats, and they like to fancy they're Steven Segal. One troll even took that name.

Fortunately, another person---far more reasonable----managed to sum up the ammosexual's way of thinking with this all-too-accurate little vignette. This is amazing----and terribly accurate. Gawd, this is stunning. And, alas, it is not mine, but rather that of a talented person named A. Noyd.

Jane: I love cake.
Bob: If you try to use my kitchen to bake a cake, I’ll beat your ass.
Jane: Uh, I just said I love cake. You don’t have to threaten me.
Bob: I’m not threatening you. It’s a warning. Leave my kitchen alone and you’ll be fine.
Jane: “I will hurt you” and “I will hurt you if you do X” are technically both threats. That one is conditional does not make it not a threat.
Bob: It’s not a threat to you if you don’t want to use my kitchen.
Jane: It still is a threat. And you made it to me when nothing I said indicated I wanted to use your kitchen in the first place.
Bob: See, then there’s no threat.
Jane: There is a threat because a) what you said is a threat regardless of my intentions, and b) there was no need to bring it up to begin with.
Bob: I say that to everyone who mentions cake just in case.
Jane: That only means you’re accustomed to making threats in situations that don’t warrant them. Meaning you’re not a rational person about this subject.
Bob: If you don’t try to use my kitchen, nothing bad will happen to you. Chill out.
Jane: See, you’re asking me to trust that you’ll respond rationally when you’ve already established that you aren’t able to be rational about this. If you’re not being rational, I can’t trust you to correctly evaluate my intent towards using your kitchen.

Threats are threats and they just get more threatening the less reasonable a person is about issuing them.

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