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Dick pics, threats, real names and "OMG Ben IS glory"

Life on the internet, inspired by Clementine Ford's (and my own) battles with trolls.

Ford gets lots of guys who attack her every time she has an opinion on what men do to women. Specifically, if she DARES to suggest that a bunch of white guys, reacting the same way every time to something a woman does, might be something worth----gasp!----criticizing.


Ford gets truly shitty trolls, on the order of MY assholes, guys this.

Yes, we're so much better than other places, as angry white men constantly remind us. Here, men only threaten to rape us to death, tell lies about us that people are very eager to believe, and attack us verbally constantly. Nothing outrages Single White Losers, it seems, than outspoken women who refuse to bow down before the Mighty Peen.

And, creepily, nothing outrages these unwashed little manbabies more than a woman who dares point out that, frankly, they're assholes.

It's been repeatedly found that loser white guys still are better off than (white) women, to the point where a guy with a high school diploma makes more than a college-educated woman. (WOC suffer even more than this, dropping a dime per category per dollar 'earned' by men.) These guys also sneer at the idea that there's a wage gap, that there's rape culture, that there's discrimination against women.

These guys have such easy lives, like the Princess perched on her pile of mattresses, that the tiniest pea at the farthest distance still chaps their ass.

They like to rail against "PC", against "dindu nuffin" (the latest racist dogwhistle), trans rights, against women who can say no to them, against women who just dom't care if these angry little boys rage shit their brains out or not.

Where does the rage come from?

Notice, for example, who isn'tbugfuck outraged. There are a lot of people expressing reasonable anger, but they're also doing things. These latter people, mostly, tend to be women, POC, and so on. These are people, poignantly, like American Muslims, who touchingly think that Trump's followers will just see reason if they're presented with facts ---even though they're terrified.

Isn't that the sweetest thing? They believe Americans are guided by logic.

Angry white boys, though, are really the loser basement dweller who believes---like Elliot Rodger, one of their number---that he's just entitled to blowjobs, without even asking, because he had a car and wasn't offensive looking. George Sodini thought the same thing. As white guys, they expected the keys to the city while they flatlined at offering women a pulse, a house, a car. Of course, what did they expect in return? Servitude and sex.

These guys think that as white guys, they're entitled to everything life has to offer, while they sit in their stained undies in their mom's basement, guzzling Mountain Dew and mainlining Doritos. They expect yo be liked because they have "nice personalities"---which they don't---while they rake in big bucks for....what, exactly? They're utterly unambitious and talent free because they've never worked for anything. If they had a pulse, they got credit for breaking a sweat. (Boys still get favored and excused in academic settings, even when teachers think they're actually balancing things out.)

They're not angry about injustice. They're angry about justice, because for too long mediocre white guys got rewarded at every turn just for showing up at the finish line. These guys like to sneer at the people who actually ran the race for being sweaty. In reality, white guys take a cab to the finish and demand somebody else pay their tab. Then they whine that the other guy took his wallet.

Paradoxically, these guys like to bitch that it's a meritocracy, and women, black people ("dindu nuffins"), transfolk, etc., etc., just aren't good enough. Only white guys are. That's not sexist or racist, though.

The charade falls apart when you see their rage at a woman with an opinion. Pointing out that threatening to rape a woman to death because she said (accurately) that men beat women to death in staggering numbers is not "discourse" or "expressing an opinion". In fact, it rather proves she's right, but being right is the worst thing a woman can do, especially if she's pointing out that men are wrong. Then the response is staggering. And revealing. Significantly, perhaps, these guys send dick pics and threats under their real names, on their work emails. That says to anyone with a brain that they're doing something that's so normal to them they have no problem doing it ballsout open like that. Which, again, proves feminists right when they say it's a rape culture. And it makes you wonder about their bosses. At best, it says nobody checks their emails. At worst, well.....

Ampersand, at Alas a blog, covered the recent thing with Clem Ford. What happened was that Ford writes about sexism, and she's not Queen Victoria, which according to yobbos like Michael Nolan, means she's a slut. This was included in a torrent of abuse, including men who threatened to backhand her, rape her with knives, show up on her doorstep with a gun. Ford saw that Nolan had named and linked his employer on his facebook. She notified them of his conduct. (He also had racist conduct on his facebook.) They canned him. Most of the men on Alas blamed Ford for his firing, and dismissed the deluge of abuse women deal with as no big deal, something she should ignore, or a "thread". They also criticized....Ford's language and behavior. Ford's. Because it's bad enough she exists, apparently. Then the bitch goes and actually offends men by not only not offering blowies to compensate for being "ugly", she actually thinks she can criticize her lords and masters and still not offer anal at least or something. That bitch. Of course, if she did, they'd call her a "slut"----as Nolan did---- or complaim she wasn't thin enough or underage enough. (The more MRAish a guy is, the more he's obseesed with how "natural" it is to lust after 15-year-old girls.)

What gets me about this is how one thing has been overlooked. I really don't give a shit about Nolan; he was an apartment manager, which meant he had keys to womens' apartments. I'm sure he'd pulled this shit before. No, this guy saw an actual hate mob attacking a woman with spite, vitriol, violent threats, and vicious slurs, and he thought, "PARTAY." No, by the way, we're not talking about some general concept here. We're talking about why men think that hanging up on a woman is a fun thing to do. Not people in general. Women. The end.

This guy saw this spectacle and decided to be one of the attackers. Do I give a shit about employment law? No. Anybody who tells you "the internet isn't real" and that it was unfair has never worked, as a woman, alongside an asshole like this.

What is really horrifying here is how men attack women en masse, and how other men think that's okay or they join in. Either one is an endorsement of the behavior.

(Meanwhile, of course, you have assholes who whine they're male feminists, and expect to get treats and kisses for haranging women. Dudes, if you REALLY are into feminism? Shut up and let women talk and go after sexist men. These guys not only do not listen to women, they attack. THAT is how you be an ally. Same thing for white people chafing at talk of privilege. Feel weird? Go after racists. Back up people.

And of course, everywhere it's Ford's behavior and language that are being blamed, not Nolan's, which is flat out victim blaming. No, nothing she did or said merits discussion. Nope. Sick of it. Let's talk about this guy's behavior. It's like that Buffy scene where Glory exercises some kind of mind control on humans, so immediately after the Scoobie Gang realizes Ben is Glory, the memory is gone. Why did I bring that up? It's a great metaphor for the way some men expect to be worshipped----and expect their actions to be invisible to criticism. The taboo against criticizing white men as a group is immensely strong. No such taboo protects women.

It is that tendency toword erasing mens' vicious attacks on women while endorsing them and blaming their victims that allows gangs of men to think their actions can be, will be, and should be allowed. It is the most incredible example of "boys will be boys" you can imagine. It shows that, basically, telling men "no" is the world's worst crime, according to men. (And if you don't believe me, try rejecting a street catcaller.)

A brief dissection of male privilege

Trigger warning for enough sarcasm to brine your ass.

The same path gets followed every time.

1. Woman has an opinion about something. She expresses this opinion.

2. Men get bugfuck outraged. They scream with rage, threaten to rape her, kill her, whatever.

3. Woman responds. Sometimes there is sarcasm.

4. Sometimes woman shows bugfuck freakout to the offenders' moms, bosses, etc., etc.,

5. Men respond with EVEN WORSE bugfuck freakout. How dare THIS, quote them verbatim? Use their names? Which they openly used?

6. The "She asked for it" stage arrives. People attack her all over again. As if by prior arrangement, everyone agrees that Number 2 never happened, and really, Numbers 1, 3, and 4 are totally to blame, while Number 5 is just the response of poor, abused men. They didn't do anything wrong at all till she provoked them in 3, physically assaulted them in 4, and 5 is just boys being boys.

7. All the guys agree that the woman is a total bitch who totally asked for it and probably likes it besides.

8.(Sometimes----oh, who am I kiddng?) The guys depart, and all of them spread their version of events, in which She attacked them relentlessly, so they had no choice to defend themselves----by threatening to rape her with the barrel of a gun or the blade of a knife.

9.Note: men NEVER get told to "just ignore it." In fact, they are praised for "defending" themselves. Notice how #2 keeps disappearing?

Lather, rinse, repeat.

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