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Just FYI: there's at least one pathetic "filmmaker" hipster asshole out there, posing as me and using my avatar. My money's on Kevin, because he's thoroughly shit his bed and can barely post even on reddit anymore, thanks to his habit of doxxing anybody who's a better person than he is. (Not arrogant, either; think about it.) Edit: this guy is even more of a loser than Kevvie. Holy shit.

These morons hate whole groups of people they know nothing about, and you can tell. God help you if you're not a docile, opinionless, passive, buxom, fifteen-year-old girl: any other woman above the age of consent (and older than twenty) repels them.

So you've been warned. They can't help themselves, so watch for cartoonishly rightwingeresque attacks on fat, ugly, old, cat ladies.

Because nothing says "Gamergate ISN'T sexist," than ranting about how disgusting, worthless, evil, untruthful----this guy screamed I was a lying desk jockey who never left the wire rather than somebody who did so every day---fat, ugly, crazy, disgusting old and menopausal I and other non-jailbait women are. They'll protest it's just But the only women they can stand are consrvative has-been or never been Chill Girls or imaginary girls like Vivian James.(Who is a visual pun of a rape joke, by the way.)

Menopausal? Really? Oh. Oh. Wait. It's creepy enough when guys think periods are disgusting. What about guys who find the start of periods disgusting? It's funny how they can't see how they expose themselves.

The guy might just as well have worn a sign that said, "I want to fuck children."

Kind of dangerous territory for a guy rapidly approaching twenty eight---who spends his days telling rape jokes to fifteen-year-old-and-under girls.

Check out the stuff that's locked up under flock. These guys aren't ironically trolling. They really believe this shit.

Edit: this is some dude who pretty much fits all the above except he's even more of a loser. Works a shitty job while calling himself a film maker/illustrator----and attacking women. Dude is a gamergator, so that pretty much days it all.

Pretty much classic loser: red pill, MRA, gamergator, etc., etc., Nobody pays attention to him.

This'll be the last time I bother.


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Dec. 5th, 2015 01:16 pm (UTC)
Just... wow. And there's nothing you can do, which means they keep thinking they're "winning" and the cycle keeps on cycling.

How are you seeing what's under their f-lock? Because I can't see him/them letting you get that close - they'd be afraid you'd be right. Sorry - I'll have to follow your tags, because I think I missed something.

Blah. I'm sorry you've had to deal with this shit for this long.
Dec. 6th, 2015 04:17 am (UTC)
they've added identity theft now, too? serious ethics there, dudebros.

how wretched that Vivian's outfit is actually something I would want to wear :( will have to be careful to not be mistaken as *that*.

I'm hoping the SxSW panels work out to benefit really addressing harassment. So far it looks like they're back on, and maybe more thoughtful about logistics: http://motherboard.vice.com/read/sxsw-announces-more-speakers-at-harassment-summit-relocates-gamergate-panel

in other news, I can finally see your kitty pictures! for the past few months it's seemed like I see a filename (text), and people commenting about a cute kitty, but only maybe one in ten references to a pic actually loaded an image.
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