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yeah, no

So GG is denying they 'shopped a Sikh man into a suicide bomber. Yeah, sure. Except the problem is, these are guys who hate women, gays, anybody who's not a straight white dude who can't get laid outside of a morgue. If only they hadn't lied about Zoe Quinn, Anita Sarkesian, Brianna Wu, Sarah Nyburg, and basically every woman who's ever pointed out their assholes. If only they hadn't based their whole movement on an unfuckable loser like Eron Gjonji, who responded to being (justifiably) dumped by proving what a future OJ he was by writing a 9,000-word ode to "what would Elliot Rodgder do?" (Elliot Rodger never once asked a "blonde bitch" out, not once, but he blamed them for his unfucked status. He's the patron saint of gamergators.)

Basically, they feel entitled to supermodel blowjobs, and they feel intimidated by any woman who doesn't worship them. Don't try false equivalency with me. Guys who feel unfairly disrespected by society go on shooting sprees to prove to every woman who ever dumped them that they were, in fact, right. Meanwhile, women who do everything at work and at home, when they feel---and ARE---disrespected----they go on shopping sprees. You fuck off a woman, the economy benefits. Piss off a man over his penisfeels, though, and he will kill people. Well, okay, not "people", per say---he'll kill women, including those he's supposed to love...wives, moms, daughters. One woman does that, and she's famous for thousands of years. Countless guys do that, and.....they're anonymous.

Yeah, GG protesting about this is totally reasonable....unless you've read KIA on reddit, where the paranoid white boys rant. If you really want a laugh, find one of their rants about "hugboxes"....from dudes who make death threats when.....women analyze their "vidya."
Tags: elliot rodger, gg, yeah no

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