ginmar (ginmar) wrote,

"Gamergate ISN'T about misogyny, you ugly old bitch!"

This is a comment that just got posted by a gator over at the Boston Mag story about Zoe Quinn. It's a brand new account with just THREE credits to its name---and it uses my name and avatar.

Despite the fact that Eron Gjonji lied about Zoe Quinn and has even admitted it now and then, gators still say the same lies. Like all Republicans, they believe rather than think. There was no "sleeping with reviewers for sex." There were NO reviews, but to a bunch of guys fuming with rage at bitches who won't fuck them, this was a potent accusation. These guys are Elliot Rodger, a seething "incel" who went on a shooting spree at what he called "blonde bitches." He was so entitled he never even asked any of them out. Apparently "blonde bitches" are supposed to just see a guy snd drop to their knees and blow him. Of course, they'd call her a slut, then, and must about how women hit "The Wall" at about 25 or do. I'm not making this up. The Venn disagram for channers, Red Pillers, gators, MRAs, and every other misogynist group out there overlap so much you'd be forgiven for thinking it was just one circle.

These are guys who hate women. When it's pointed out to them that they use misogynist terms, they mock the idea of misogyny being a problem. It's not misogyny, bitches just ain't shit.

This comment came to me courtesy of an account using my avatar and name. But Gamergators AREN'T sexist, you ugly old bitch!

"Ginmar, thank you for being a boil on the butt of feminism. With women like you in the world, there is no wonder that there are mysoginists. You are a bitter old woman with no talent, and nothing to contribute to society. The only thing that you attempt to contribute are baseless insults at people with actual talent, oh diddums, of course you are filled with jealous rage. The authors you "bash" are infact talentless, yet still infinitely better than her shitty work. I quote "bash" because that is how you see it, but in reality you simply regurgitate the same slackminded, dim-witted drivel over and over, but could we really expect more? That is exactly what your fan fiction is, uninspired, unoriginal tripe. I looked at your Live Jurnal bio, one of my favorite lines of is this: "Now my rules are really simple: if I warn you once, I'm pissed, and I don't like repeating myself." Look at your posts, whether you are bashing new authors with more talent than you have, or what what you call "gators", your only rebuttle is the line "unfuckable little boys". Humorous considering the fact is that you would fuck any of them if they were willing to put a bag over your head and suffer through it. Maybe they could picture Zoe Quinn instead. Not ideal, but a bag isn't going to cover fat rolls and an old smelly vagina. Diddums goes on to say "If you want to prove something, provide a link." Once again, this is ironic considering that she herself has no links to support herself, but then again, she really has no argument to defend. Her existence is as useless as that of the stray cats she has devoted herself to save. Luckily, despite her best efforts, most stray cats will be euthanized, the world is not so lucky in regards to ginmar. But that is okay diddums, it is not too late to get your toaster, retreat into the bathtub, and do the right thing. Even the cats won't miss you. Here is an article I saw and thought of you, exactly how your life was prior to menopause:
And now the last egg has dropped, so there really is no point anymore is there? The good news is, could you imagine what type of piece of shit child you would've actually produced. The fact is it would be an unfuckable little boy who would still be living in your basement. Or possibly an ugly little girl who like you, would've grown up to be jealous of pretty people, growing old and lonely with only cats as friends."

The emphasis on my writing indicates this guy has been exposed to the rantings of none other than my schlubby little stalker, a guy fast approaching thirty in his mom's basement, writing for thirteen-year-old girls, ranting about feminiazis day and night. As the guy who took over that website that stalks and doxxes readers, he has a vested interest in attacking anybody----well, any women---who ever wrote a review.

Gamergate, ladies and gents.
Tags: assholes, gamergate, trolls

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