June 22nd, 2019

drac emu

The VA strikes again part OMG

Yes, the VA refuses to pay for my emergency room visit because it wasn't "emergent." How DOES that work? You have to get authorization. I guess the nurses pushing you to go get checked out IN THE ER doesn't count.Plus, the VA irself says you can go to the ER without authorization.But if you live, I guess that means it's not "emergent."

I tore my meniscus, went to the ER, and the VA sent me home with an ace bandage and crutches and told me it wasn't "emergent."I guess if you don't look for something you won't find it. It took those fuckers six months to do a fucking MRI and find out I'd torn my meniscus-----and a whole bunch of other things they never told me about.

And what if your emergency room visit requires follow up? Too bad. The "authorization" number doesn't have a REAL LIVE PERSON, JUST A MESSAGE. These assholes just want you to die, basically. Nobody's going to argue me out of that. Fuck them. I'm fighting it and I'll win. They're trying to make it as hard as possible to get care, to get better, because helping vets is no more their goal than working for the people od the Unoted States of America is Trump's.

Trump put his buddies at the VA. None of them have been closer to the military than TV.

For three months now, I've been so dizzy I wind up with ringing in the ears, sudden visits to the floor, and the inability to walk straight down the wall without leaning against something.

And the VA cares only about their paperwork.

Fuck them. I'm sitting down now and my head feels like it's floating.

Insurgents are more honest than the VA.