September 6th, 2016

drac emu

Jacob. Tamir.

Patti Wetterling: "Until last week, Jacob was alive to us."

Jesus Christ.

Jacob begged to go home at the end.

Yeah, I know, I know, "the childruns" is such a cliché.....but I don't know *anybody* who can't remember being scared as a kid.....and how Mom made it all better.

I don't even have kids. I never wanted them. Never bought the clichés, the romanticizing, none of that. I wouldn't have been a good mom. I am, however, a very good (or bad) evil auntie.

But even I get struck by how very vulnerable children are. And how trusting they are.

Jacob was taken from his mom. She never got the chance to comfort him. He died in terror, knowing he was going to die.

Civilian *adults* shouldn't have to experience that. But *kids*?? Jacob was a kid who got taken at a time when people were just starting to take account of what adults did to kids. Some kids. Nobody says it out loud. In a town of 3,000 people, Jacob should have been safe. Other kids? Well. Um. There are whole segments of this country where children don't have that freedom from fear.

That just hits you so viscerally, with this kid.

But why not Tamir Rice? He was Jacob's age.

Jacob was taken away and killed. Tamir was murdered where he stood. One was sexually molested by his killer. One was not. One was murdered by the boogeyman. How do you live when your is everybody else's hero?

If we can't keep ALL our kids safe.....from US....who *are* we?