July 22nd, 2016

drac emu


So I was in the hospital, having surgery. When I'm less drugged, I'll write more. Holy shit, they dumped FIVE different new meds on me, four of which seem to be fairly setious pain killers. Funny thing is, it dodn't rrally start hurting till a few hours ago, after I got home. (I'm typing this in my phone with a fuzzy cat Who Shall Remain Nameless shedding all over, so I'm blaming my typing on...them. Plural pronoun, do you can't identify the culprit. Hah!)

I managed to change the sheets on the daybed before toppling over. The upstairs of the house is COOLER than the downstairs, or was, before I hoisted open some windows. (I'm not allowed upstairs for a few days because I have THREE incisions and THREE sets of stitches. Apparently letting my stumble around for SEVEN months on what the VA called a "badly-torn" meniscus is NOT a great idea.

I have to keep an eye on the windows because Fred hates squirrels the way I hate Cheetohitler, and I'm pretty sure the feeling would be even worse if he was tiny amd stole my strawberries, in addition to being a of a person.

So. I should be writing more. I'm goung to be laid up for a while, so it's that or God knows what.