March 30th, 2016

drac emu

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I went out and limped over to my raspberry patch to trim back the growth. I was going to do more, but my knee started to stiffen up and my hands were full of raspberry barbs. Today's all rainy and Shadow is exerting a terrible amount of pressure to snuggle in bed----he grumps at me, then lays his scarred Hapsburg-like underbite on his chin and looks dejected. When I lay down, he shoves me around till my arm is at the best spot to serve as a head rest. Watching him adapt to treats----to the point where he goes into paroxysms of enthusiasm when I bring out the treat container is a gratifying sight, even if he is a chunky monkey now. After all those years as a literal alley cat, scrawny and starving, I'd say he's earned it.

Tomorrow I finally have an MRI. That'll be four months after the initial injury, so who knows what good it'll do. The local VA is dealing with a misappropriation scandal right now, involving workers who directed funds for veterans, apparently, to their own accounts, while they diverted their actual job duties to lower-ranking workers. I'm shocked.

Warmer days mean nightmares and halluctinations, even here, but the yard draws me out. I'm hoping to recover the ground I lost with the knee injury. There is nothing like a Minnesota spring, where one day the branches are bare, the next they are covered with leaves, and the trees seem to cast lacy green shadows everywhere. A screened-in porch is not a luxury, but a necessity.

I just don't have gossip. It seems like I'm constantly struggling to get any sleep at all, then get back to sleep when the nightmares wake me up.