January 8th, 2016

drac emu

People forget

People forget that context matters. When Clinton was President, the Repubs were positively unhinged.

This is from a review of "The Hunting of The President," on Amazon. You have to read all of it to get an idea of how bugfuck nuts the Repubs have been. It didn't start with Obama. The Oregan snacktavists aren't the exception, they're the rule.

Lj is being fucked up, so the next paragraph is the beginning.

""The words "sychophants" "toadies" and "brown nosers" come to mind to when thinking of how to describe the reporting of Joe Conason and Gene Lyons on the Clintons. Maybe "partisan hacks" is a tad better description. The Clintons themselves are, of course, criminal psychopaths who have for decades played very dirty in American politics all the while personally and spectacularly violating many people along the way. The Clintons are also totally in bed with the Bushes due to Iran-Contra. See Jeb Bush's recent awarding to Hillary Clinton a "Liberty Medal" on behalf of her work for the US Constitution (hilarious, I know). Both families have to legitimize and validate each other to keep out of jail.

This effort to whitewash the Clintons really falls off the cliff when it brushes off the 1980's CIA epic drug smuggling of the Clintons and the Bushes. This has been documented to the hilt; I suggest reading Al Martin, Terry Reed, Daniel Hopsicker and googling "Chip Tatum Pegasus." Not to mention Gary Webb.

One big reason Clinton became president in 1992 was because Ross Perot, incensed over the 1980's CIA drug trade and VP GHW Bush's deep participation, was in complete coordination with Bill Clinton to take down Poppy Bush. Too bad for Perot because Bill Clinton was in the CIA and Dixie Mafia drug trade up to his eyeballs.

In the 1990's "The Hunting of the President" really was not the hunting of the president because the Republicans carried so much epic liability that they simply could not go after the Clintons without taking themselves down.

One of the worst things the Clintons ever did was to send Bill's inner circle Arkansas state trooper goons to beat up and nearly murder Gary Johnson on June 26, 1992. Gary Johnson had been Gennifer Flowers neighbor and he had a security camera videotape of Bill Clinton often entering her apartment. The Clintons were, of course, lying about the Flowers affair (and every other affair) in 1992. So Bill sent his inner circle state troopers, supervised by Raymond Buddy Young, to beat Gary Johnson to the point of death and retrieve those damning tapes that had the potential to blow up Clintons' general election campaign.

Note carefully: Gary Johnson was also the lawyer for Larry Nichols, the Clinton antagonist and former Clinton insider.

A year later on September 26, 1993, Jerry Parks was murdered in what may very well have been a Raymond Buddy Young directed murder. It's logical to me. If Bill's state troopers beat Gary Johnson to the point of death; they have to be prime suspects in the murder of Luther Jerry Parks.

By the way, the name "Gary Johnson" does not appear even once in the index of this book.

And Jerry Parks is only briefly mentioned.

In fall 1993 some of Bill's Arkansas state troopers went public with a bunch of stories about Bill Clinton's completely unhinged sexual escapades. But what the troopers could not tell us was that they had been the personal good squad of Bill Clinton and not just his pimps.

Same thing with Larry Nichols who was a big time Clinton goon who used to be best friends with Raymond Buddy Young. Nichols simply has not publicly talked about all the criminal activities that he was involved in on behalf of Bill Clinton.

They can talk about Bill and the women, but they can't talk about the beatings, possibly some murders or the who among them was the one who castrated Wayne Dumond on the orders of Bill Clinton (Dumond had raped a cousin of Bill's).

So now we come to that 10 year campaign to destroy those poor little Clintons. The Republicans could not do it because they were simply too compromised at the highest levels.

And they could not even have gotten Clinton impeached if he had not pulled down his britches and exposed his tiny, little crooked penis to Paula Jones, all the while talking "horny like" with a big red face.

Then wild Bill had to lie about his sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky. The Clintons were all set to destroy her as a "nut" a "slut" and a "stalker" except for the fact that Bill had decorated her dress.

And Conason and Lyons have the nerve to write a book painting the Clintons as some sort of victims by a band of delusional Republican religious crazies trying to take down the president out of some sort of irrational hatred of this lovely pair of psychopaths.

This book is just factually wrong on so many levels.

A good example is the Hillary Clinton/Vince Foster affair which the authors discount on p. 85. Foster and Hillary were obviously having an affair and this has been confirmed by Larry Nichols, Larry Patterson, L.D. Brown who saw Hillary and Vince making out so passionately it was like they were also in the back seat of a '57 Chevy. Mike Galster has also confirmed the Hillary/Foster affair. The troopers used to take Hillary and Vince to a cabin in the woods on the weekend and Vince would often come to the governor's mansion to see Hillary when Bill was gone.

If Conason and Lyons can't figure out Hillary and Vince were having an affair, how can they be trusted on anything? More than an affair Vince and Hillary were emotional husband and wife.

In fact, Vince's deteriorating relationship with Hillary, who was openly humiliating him in meetings all the while not giving him sex when they were in Wash DC, were big reason in Vince Foster's suicide. Read Ron Kessler's recent book on the Secrets of the FBI for that nugget.

Notice I said Vince Foster suicide, not "murder" as many on the Right Wing had a justifiable reason for believing because it is obvious that Vince Foster did not kill himself in Fort Marcy Park.

Marinka Pleschmann has published her book on the death of Vince Foster and she pretty much has solved the riddle of Vince Foster: he blews his brains out in the White House Counsel's office and Hillary, on a plane, immediately orders the body to be dumped off White House premises. In my opinion, Foster murdered himself where he did in an act of aggression towards Hillary who had utterly discarded him when they got to DC. She was too busy powertripping, trying to nationalize heathcare and murdering Branch Davidians. Hillary - "Woman in Charge" - ordered that fubar final assault on Waco as well.

Hillary orchestrated a coordinated lying and perjury campaign to cover up the dumping of Vince Foster's body. Then she ordered a lockdown of Foster's office for the rest of the Clinton Administration.

Yet another strike out for Conason and Lyons.

Then there is the fact that Chelsea is the biological daughter of Webb Hubbell and not Bill Clinton. That is a useful nugget to know that Conason and Lyons either have not figured out or just won't tell you.

Or the Bill Clinton has often told his friends that Hillary has been with more women than he was, as a way of justifying his over-the-top adulteries.

Speaking of those poor little innocent Clintons, I noticed that Anthony Pellicano and Terry Lenzer were not mentioned by the authors. What do you think those guys were doing in the 1990's during the Clinton Wars - just twiddling their fingers?

Pellicano is now in jail in Texas for running terror campaigns in Hollywood very similar to the terror campaigns inflicted on Clinton's sex victims and former girlfriends.

And Jack Palladino has in fact admitted to Melanie Morgan in 2003 that he helped to orchestrate the terror campaign on Kathleen Willey in 1998 before her Paula Jones depositions.

But in the world of Conason and Lyons, it is those poor little innocent Clintons and all the terrible things they had to endure in the 1990's ...

Let's just say this book is pretty inaccurate and a warped view of history.

It is a defense of a pair of criminal psychopaths who should have been put in the slammer a long, long time ago: the Clintons!"