November 26th, 2015

drac emu

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I'm at my sister's place, having cheated on my kitties with one of her cats---and almost committing a far more serious kind of infidelity with her dog, who slept next to my bed. Yes, I scritched another kitty. I suspect the kitties will get revenge.

Big surprise, buying a bus ticket was a nightmare. The website kept locking up, no matter what device I used, and the company even acknowledged this on their twitter. Still. I'm surrounded by creeks and trees and hills. We chatted about my niece's horse, my sister's schedule, my other sister's monster zucchini. Seriously, she grew the Godzilla version of zucchini. There's really no good portmanteau for that, is there?

It's little things that make a holiday, such as bitching about Trump in horror-stricken tones. My sister's cats are totally NOT spoiled. Nope. Not one bit. (They're on the counter as we speak.)

I started panicking while waiting for the (late) bus, but I did manage to talk myself down a bit. The bus itself was....well. i kept nodding off and then awaking, gasping from nightmares. Could be worse.

So. I still made it here. Little victories, right?

Happy Turkey day, everybody.