October 17th, 2007

drac emu

"Safe, legal, and rare."

Bullshit. Safe, legal and rare. How about safe, legal and without apologizing or equivocating? It's none of your damned business if a woman has an abortion, not even if she's married to you, dating you, or your daughter. Especially if she's your wife, daughter, or girlfriend. If you gave a damn about her, you'd already know her opinions about abortion and respect them. If you gave a damn about her, you wouldn't put her health and her decisions over that of your pathetic control issues a fetus, or try and browbeat her into eighteen years of labor. Oh, yeah, and cut the shit about how $200.00 a month is equal to raising a child. If you have that much difficulty in writing a check, see your doctor. Also, ask for an anatomy lesson. Men don't get to decide when or whether a woman has an abortion because it's none of their damned business. Their decision time ends when their orgasm does. It's simple biology. If you don't want your sperm inseminating some woman stick to oral or anal sex or gay sex or----here's a scary thought----be honest with the woman before you have sex with her. "Hi, my name is Larry and if you get pregnant I'm going to turn into a whiny selfish control freak who might very well change my mind about fatherhood when you're eight months pregnant, after which I'll either not pay child support at all, or put you through the ringer to get it. All $200 bucks a month of it, because I'm a whiny jizzbucket who wants to spread my manly sperm around and get a warm fuzzy because I have lots of progeny but no responsibility for any of them." Oh, yeah, and stop talking about paper abortion. I don't buy for one second that a guy who could avoid child support wouldn't lie about his intentions after the fact. It's not like one of the most common tropes in the world isn't the guy who abandons the girlfriend he got pregnant. How many of these guys refused to wear a condom? How many women didn't have the option of saying no? If men don't take, "I don't want to have a child" seriously, do you really think they're going to take, "No" as an answer? It's not like rape is practically legal in this country anyway. So, no, I don't give a shit if abortion is rare. It's none of my business. It's none of your business. Neither is my or any woman's weight, hair color, sexual orientation, and so forth. Stop being a control freak.

Stop apologizing for abortion. Stop apologizing for having sex. People fuck. People fuck all the time. I'm sick of women bearing the scrutiny and the burden, which on the one hand gets romanticized and on the other gets demonized: Welfare queen, single mother, entrapping bitch, and so forth. It's funny how the same people who repeat anecdotes about evil women who entrapped their cousin's husband's doctor's veteranarian's sperm are the same people who tell women they're evil bitches when they complain about something that's a bit more than an inconvenience: injustices like rape, abuse, beatings, discrimination, and hatred get brushed aside with, "But the patriarchy hurts men, too." It doesn't hurt men as often or as hard as it hurts women. Men complain about $200 bucks a month. Women complain about injustice. Can we trade?

None of the anti-abortion groups have been honest about their desire to outlaw birth control, and none of the MRA organizations are honest enough to admit they like the idea of simultaneously forcing women to have their babies while they get to bugger off with a few whining denials. Don't talk to me about irresponsible women. Women have all the responsiblities that men don't, from housework to childcare to simply managing kids and often times, husbands who claim they're 'babysitting' their kids. If you're babysitting, you're a shitty father who thinks his and his wife's kids are solely his wife's problem but the bragging rights are his. If you're babysitting and don't do housework you're a shitty father who's giving his kids sexist ideas. Don't badmouth your wife, your girlfriend or your ex, unless we get to have her side of it, too. PAS is a bullshit excuse for women-bashing. Use it and accept the consequences: you're an asshole and you'll get treated like one. You want traditional women with traditional home, hearth and kitchen values? Traditional women are the most likely to believe in entrapping men because they believe in all that man/woman stereotype crap, but they're also obediant, submissive, and less of a challenge than a feminist, who will call yous ass on your bullshit. They also hate men like you would not believe. You're a dog to her, a meal ticket, and a man with obligations to her. She gives you sex and childcare and lip service, and you better pay up. You want it both ways, though. You want a woman who works, but gives you her paycheck and her future. In return, you give nothing. Pick women who hate men and you have it coming. You think she'll have your baby but there's no atheists in foxholes and there's very few unexpectedly pregnant women who don't even consider or have abortions. If you can't be honest with yourself, least of all the woman you're having sex with, you have no right to complain when you get a dose of your own medicine. If you want women who actually like and have hope for mens' future, try a feminist. Oh, wait.

So, no, I want abortion to be safe, legal and as frequent as women want them to be. No explanations, no equivocating. If you don't want kids, use condoms and accept that accidents happen. Male birth control useage is at 20 %. That's not womens' fault. Don't blame women for the male lack of action. If you don't want kids, get a vasectomy or shut up about women and start lobbying pharmaceutical companies for more male birth control options. Absent any practical proof that you took steps to protect yourself, you're just another MR Asshole who wants it both ways: all the power, none of the obligations.

Oh, yeah, and improbable scenarios about women entrapping you? Yeah, tell a woman that before the date and see how she reacts. Also, shut up about how women lie. If we have to accept your bullshit, you have to accept the actual truth about what we go through at the hands and dicks of unscrupulous or indifferent men. Of course, if you pick one of those starry-eyed women who think they can rescue the bad boy, she might be stupid enough to fuck you or maybe even marry you because she's got 'MRA second wife syndrome written all over her forehead. Try Ann Coulter. Of course, there are women who feel compelled to believe whatever fool thing a man says about his ex because she can compete against a woman who's no longer around to tell her side of the story. I wish I could tell such women exactly what's in store for them and Prince Charming, who'll stop picking up his socks once he has a new housekeeper/childminder devoted wife all locked up or better yet, pregnant. I hate men who badmouth women---and better yet don't get that they're doing it ---but I also hate those passive aggressive women who eagerly believe at the expense of other women in their own speshulness. Here's a clue, hon: you're just a childcare worker to him. Wise up. I don't like you and feminism doesn't mean I have to accept any backstabber just because she's got ovaries. You're not entitled to anything if you side with the men. Give it up or just you try and get along with what those men you love want you to do. I dare you.

Either way, I don't care how many women have how many abortions. Abortion issues are never about just abortion, they're about power and who gets to control women. Anti-abortion groups have not even been and are not now honest about their policies, the results, and the wide-reaching deadly effects of their actions. Women get to control abortions. Period, end of subject, end of story. Deal with it.