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So I heard some people are....

So Trump bragged---in gruesome terms----about how he got Baghdadi.

Jim Wright at Stonekettle Station said it was a good thing and that Trump did the right thing, or something like that----and a thousand people dropped him. Take a wild guess as to what those people are NOT going to do on election day, because, yeah, I can really see them holding a grudge that long.

So here are the relevant facts as I see them. Add them up and make your decision.

Trump betrayed the Kurds and let them be slaughtered just last week----in a region where loyalty and honor are paramount.

Trump allowed hundreds of ISIS fighters and supporters to escape as a result of the way he suddenly stabbed the Kurds in the back.

Baghdadi was a serial rapist and a vicious torturer who burned prople alive, beheaded them, tortured them, and committed so many atrocities that the English language lacks the foulness to adequately sum up the man. His absence improves the world.

Trump revealed operational details that could endanger future missions.

Trump revealed information that might identify the source who led to Baghdadi in his eagerness to sneer at Obama and brag about himself. He previously caused the death of at least one other source----the ISIS spy who exposed the "laptop battery explosives" plot that was known only to one or two people. He did this by BRAGGING to the Russian handlers he invited into the Oval Office, the way a weak person brags to try and prove how macho they are.

Trump also dismissed the dangers of freeing ISIS by saying, "They'll just go to Europe first," which is just so----!!!

Jim Wright said Trump deserved praise for getting Baghdadi. Yeah, he greenlighted the missiin and golfed through it. Trump's grotesque gloatimg is sure to enrage ISIS.

There you have it. You decide how it balances out----but whatever you decide, vote blue. The end.
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"Straight Pride"----because "incel nazis" isn't tuneful enough

Holy shit.

So you all remember that pathetic so-called "Straight Pride" parade a while back, that everybody who WASN'T a Reichwinger correctly pegged as a "Reichwing Incels Pride Undercover White Supremacy" parade?

Yeah, the Boston PD pepper sprayed all the antifa protesters, then arrested them, AND THEN one of the good ole boy judges refused to dismiss the ludicrous charges, which is like the KKK arresting NAACP marchers and charging them with "rioting".

No, actually, that's pretty much EXACTLY what happened. The judge even had one of the defense lawyers arrested when she attempted to read caselaw in court about how calling a cop "a pig" is a right and-----in the case of the Boston PD----merely truth in advertising.

All apologies to those of the porcine persuasion.

The judge----Richard Sinnott----was appointed by a Repub, and he is NOT one of those Repub judges that kind of pleasantly surprise you by actually *reading* the Constitution. The Repub governor who appointed him praised his "human rights record" without noting that "human" to Repubs means only "pale" and "male" and "Taliban without the turban."

Even by the standards of Repub hypocrisy, though, Sinnott throwing the book at protesters is like a whorehouse madam calling somebody else slutty. Turns out Sinnott himself *shot* a man, though he called it "self-defense" and *another* white dude got the charges dismissed. And shortly thereafter, Sinnott got sent to Iraq, which is exactly where you'd want to send a typical touchy hypocritical proto-Reichwing turbodouche, in case that war didn't meet your "fucked-up" requirement for the decade.

Note: all of the preceding and following remarks are deeply sarcastic, so don't @me, which ought to be considered NO DUH territory, because Jesus Christ, pal, who am I? (Was anybody else disappointed that the Sarlacc in RotJ wasn't some kind of sarcasm monster? No? Just me? Okay, moving on....)

So, anyway, here is some more sarcasm, while I dose myself with yet more tea because I have not yet discovered how much tea you can drink before you pee pure caffeine and then fishing in the rivers around your house becomes a brisk exercise in masochism.

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OMG, I painted my steps yesterday, and I feel like a virgin who just had sex with some fairy tale creature.

In terms of cheap therapy, it's up there with VACUUMING even, which is the gold standard.


Pictures soon.
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(no subject)

Look at this pudge butt.

FYI, what he's laying on is a "litter enclosure" that's made out of pressed wood and covered with carpet. I sprayed the inside with FlexSeal---which was absolutely useless----and put one of those litter catcher mats in there, which DOES work. And then, of course, a litter box.

The dilemma is that first thing in the morning I scoop all the litter boxes, but also, the sun is irresistable as well, and so here we are. Time to have my tea.

I've started drinking tea agsin and I've noticed the stomach aches have backed off considerably. See? TEA SOLVES EVERYTHING.

On this foundation I shall build my church: tea, books, cats, REAL window seats for many hours of reading, and yeah, adopt don't shop.

Plus the first person who figures out a way to digitize ALL THE BOOKS will be a saint in thos church, complete with statues.*

*Okay, said"statue" might resemble old Barbie dolls, Beanie Babies, and action figures, but the thought is sincere.
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So Jeffrey Epstein apparently killed himself after an attempt a couple of weeks ago. He'd asked to be allowed to serve out his pre-trial detention in his zillion-dollar Manhattan penthouse, which.....shyeah.

He was never going to be a free man again.

Of course, lots of very powerful men were implicated in his rape spree.

Cui bono?

In a lot of suicides, the answer is no one, though the suicidal person themself might believe otherwise. Here is the suicide prevention hitline number. I still call them because the shadows still gather now and then, and you CAN prevent them from turning into a deluge. 1-800-273-8255. If you need to, call them.

Repub morons are already trying to make Clintonbodycount happen. To which I say:

Monica Lewinsky, you twits.

Paula Jones

Hell, Anthony Weiner still wanders around.

But....but....Seth Rich, you say! Yeah, before you get to say that poor kid's name, Seth Rich, where was Barack Obama born? Answer anything but "Hawaii" and you can bugger right off.

Seth Rich died weeks before that rapist Assange got those emails from Russian operatives. Abd he lied about that.

Meanwhile, Jamal Khashoggi was disciplined by the Saudis weeks before they murdered him.....for criticizing Trump. Trump, who is so thin-skinned and vicious that he wants to murder the press. Trump, who calls the press "the enemy of the people" or "fake news" when they quote him verbatim or otherwise expose him as the whining lying tittybaby he really is.

A few weeks later, Khashoggi was lured into an embassy, tortured, murdered, and dismembered.

Cui bono?

Trump and his fans and enablers lie hatefully, viciously, and constantly. Worse yet, they lie because of their own failings. That makes them vicious---and dangerous.

Trump has paid bribes to women to prevent discussion of.....whatever.

You figure it out.
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Stop farting around, a rant in the key of PISSED OFF

Christ fuck these commentators for mealymouthing Trump's racism. He STARTED his cam------you know what? Fuck this shit, I ain't repeating all the bullshit.

What I want to know is why Trumpies don't iddntify themselves as Trunts right up front.

Oh, yeah, because THEN you'd know that they voted for this lying, hateful, petty, spiteful, weak, fraudulent, dictator-worshipping, malicious, spineless, Constitution-hating, reality-impaired scumbag BECAUSE he promised to "hurt the right people"----in the words of one of his more disgusting groupies-----AND because he bragged about sexually assaulting women. Yeah, make no mistake. His male fans voted FOR him BECAUSE he's a serial rapist and that's what they fantasize about.

Fellow liberals, we need to talk.

First off, you CANNOT educate these assholes. They are not mistaken or economically insecure or voting in spite of something.

They do not believe abortion is murder, otherwise they would punish men, too. One man can casually impregnate a hundred women.

They do not believe fetuses are babies. Well, let me put it this way: they're so fucking dishonest, who gives a shit WHAT they say they believe.

What are the results of their actions? Are those results consistant over the years? Then fuck their lying asses. Stop wasting your time. They will not listen or learn or "be best." There is no best with these assholes.

The Reich has a long history of deceit, starting with calling themselves capital-P "Patriots" (often while flying the Confederate flag) and capital-C "Christians", even though Jesus.....DO I NEED TO POINT THIS SHIT OUT? BEFORE MY TEA?

There's the original Breitbart, who so edited a video of Shirley Sherrod that she appeared to be saying exactly the opposite of what she actually said, resulting in her successfully suing that lying slimebag. Breitbart gave a start to serial diarrhea-on-legs James O'Keefe, who edited a video of ACORN workers till they appeared to be giving sex trafficking advice to a pimple-faced douchebag wearing a Seventies-style blaxploitstion pimp outfit. In reality, he had his vile little anti choice friend Lilah Rose film him in that get up, then he went behind the camera, implying he wore the outfit during filming.

O'Keefe later dressed up in phone repairman-drag to invade Dem Congresswoman Mary Landrieu's office to try and place bugs. He took a plea.

Later on, he tried to lure a CNN reporter onto a "rape boat" to film God knows what, but was exposed by one of his compatriots, who got worried as to what O'Queef was really going to do.

Just this past year, he hired somebody even dumber than he is to approach the WaPo with a story about how she got impregnated as a teen by Roy Moore, who then forced her to have an abortion. Seriously, look this story up. I can't do it justice.

Then there's David "baby parts" Daleidon, who whittled TBs of video of Planned Parenthood workers discussing organ donation into something that sounded like an advertisement for cannibalism.

THEN there's Jacob Wahl or Wohl or what-the-fuck-ever his name is. He's the dipshit who was banned gor life ny the SEC for crooked trading as a teen. He claimed he knew a woman who'd accused Robert Mueller of rape. Among many problems with the story---oh, wait!, I have SO MUCH to tell you!-----was the fact that Mueller was on jury duty several hundred miles away.

Jacob Wohl claimed that he'd been given this information by an intelligence group. The photos of this company's employees included actor Christopher Waltz and a filtered photo of Wohl himself, under a different name.

The "intelligence group's" phone number.....went to Wohl's Mom's phone.

Rightwingers lie to you and themselves because they will argue against gravity if they think it helps their cause. They stick to websites that promote their Bizarro World theories, where Trump is a Christian, but Obama is not; where Trump is a crusading hero and Robert Mueller is a craven creeping dishonest schemer; where Hillary molests children but Roy Moore does not; where Sandy Hook isn't real but Qanon is. I could go on and on and on. They are afraid. Fear plus hatred makes for vicious, angry people. Fear us what the GOP sells. That's all they have.

Gotta say, a few years back, I jad some Repub friends who called me a crazy bitch and said I was too hard on Repubs. That's because anybody with a brain could see where the GOP was heading. And can you knock it off with the "John McCain defended Obama," thing? The lady said "Obama is an...an...Ayrab," and McCain said, "No he's not, he's a decent person and a citizen who I just hqppen to disagree with on a few things." This implies that "Ayrabs" are none of the things McCain said Obama was. Also, has everybody gorgotten the Keating Five scandal? And how McCain "saved" the ACA purely to get back at MoscowMitch for gutting a piece of McCain's legislation? (And another thing, why can't we view people as humans, instead of outsized charactures, both good and bad?)

And can we stop with the whole, "Well, I would never have an abortion MYSELF----?" bullshit? It's just another way of embracing misogyny and directing it at other women. Yes, honey, you ARE like other girls.

So dispense with the pretense. If you voted for Trump you are scum and not worth my time. If you are a WOMAN and voted for Trump, you are obviously hoping to throw other women to the predators in the hopes they get assaulted instead of you. Reichwing women always look like they'd enjoy holding other women down for FGM. Plus I think they hate liberal women for not being stuck with the good girl shit Reichwing women chose.

Being a liberal is simple. You give a shit about other people. Except for those Berniac and Stein assholes who either didn't vote, voted for Trump, and/or spread Trumpian lies about Hillary. Fuck you.

And how sad is it that giving a shit about people is called "virtue signaling" by Reichwingers, the supposed "Christians" because they can't imagine being NICE?

Abortion is good. Gun control is good. So is birth control and gay rights and science and facts and REALITY and welcoming immigrants to the US and gay marriage and transfolk embracing their true selves and school lunches and libraries and womens' rights and the Fairness Doctrine and treating EVERYBODY equally and getting black folks some justice and getting Trump's tax returns and voting and fighting global warming and and and and and and making America what we hope it can be. Stop apologizing or accepting their framing. Start FIGHTING. You want to fight fire, you have to know how to use fire to stop fire.

Start lighting matches.
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(no subject)

Well, I was taking out the garbage and a wave of that dizziness hit me. I'm lucky I didn't break my neck. I landed on my knees, my bad shoulder, and my chin. I got my hands under me at the last second. Now that the ER has diagnosed my dizziness as "unknown" the VA is using thatas an excuse to brush it off.

That's my knee.

That's my shoulder.

In better news, I noticed that one of the ferals at the old house was limping on a badly-swollen paw, so somehow I went zipping down to borrow a trap. I also ordered tuna and cat nip from Amazon, which then managed to screw the pooch, because I put DO NOT FORWARD in the delivery instructions. This confused the driver so much that while he managed to walk from the truck to my door to slap a notice on my door, he could not deliver that $$#÷^*!! package. Instead, I was advised I could "pick up" my packages any time. About ten miles away. If I wanted to goddamned pick up the fucking things WHY DID I ORDER THEM TO BE DELIVERED?? UPS was impossibly shitty about the whole thing, blaming it on me for putting DO NOT FORWARD in the delivery instructions, because that confused the evolutionary cul-de-sac on legs they had driving that day.

This was a pain in the ass because I had ONE DAY to get a lot done and Ubering ten miles and back was not in either my time or financial budget.

Miracle of miracles, the kitty walked right into the trap. He is now neutered, vaccinated, ear-tipped, and the abcesses in his paw were drained and cleaned. I kept him on my side porch for several days till the paw closed up enough, but finally let him go because he looked so miserable.

He only looked slightly more thrilled AFTER the vet's visit, which I could joke about but won't, because it breaks my heart to see that liitle face.

And to put a capper on everything, my tenants---who signed an 18-month lease----gave notice a month ago but my property manager "forgot" to tell me, so they spent weeks lying to my face and sneaking out late at night with their shit.

You know what? Once I get the old house sold, I might just wait out the lease of whoever the tenant is at the time, fix up this one to my heart's content, knock out a door or two, and live in the whole place. Airbnb a bedroom or two a few times a month. Insulate the hell out of the whole house and rewire it. That might be fun. It's not like I'm not paying the fucking heat bill anyway.