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I can't sleep. I can barely walk. And thr VA is nearly impossible to reach via phone. Thank God for kitties. They snuggle and wriggle and purr.
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The only cure for Moscow Mitch is Carolina Reaper Viagra

So Mitch McConnell stood on the floor of the Senate and denounced the House bill to support renters, poor people, non-salaried workers, and workers who rely on tips as "an ideological wish list."

I love it when evil people inadvertantly confess. To Republicans, compassion and good economic sense are "an ideology."

Republicans treat poor people as if they're the bottom of the barrel, instead of what they really are: the backbone of the economy.

Give a poor person money, and they pay bills, they buy necessities, they pay rent. They make sure other people have jobs.

Give a millionaire any money, and he keeps it in an offshore account and hoards it. He avoids taxes at all costs, and he pays his workers as little as he can get away with.

Republicans like to help millionaires screw over their workers and everybody else who can't hire high-priced lawyers. Then Repubs tell those workers that the millionaires aren't the problem, it's their fellow poor people. Or they tell them that one day, they'll be millionaires too, so they better keep those crooked laws in place. (Reminds me of dudes who scream about Me Too. They might not have committed such crimes themselves---though that's doubtful---but they cherish the idea of doing so, and want to ensure that they can get away with it, too.)

"An ideological wish list." There you have it, folks.

Maybe he stores his Viagra too close to the Carolina Reaper sauce. Not that Moscow Mitch ever eats spicy food. He looks like he thinks gravy is a beverage. One can dream of earthquakes, though.

He's evil. The end.
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Babygirl, 2010-2020.

She was normal the night before. I took some video then. That was when I noticed how thin she was.

Her pupils are not dilated. Take your pet to the vet immediately if you see this. Her retinas are detached.

They don't know what killed her because they felt she was too fragile gor blood tests. Her last hours were spent sedated to the gills. Thank God. I hope it helped.

I don't think I'll be able to get more cats. I have to go through this with Zillie and Morgie and Ebs and Jez and Shadow. Maybe I can find homes for the fosters. I don't think I can keep going through this.
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She's gone.

The vet stressed that because she was dumped off on my doorstep there was no way of knowing what she'd been through. Abbie came to me with kidney problems because feral kitties don't get enough water. Snowball was FIV+. Shadow is FLV+. She had very high blood pressure and at some point in the past two days her retinas became detached.She lost some weight. She had fluid in the lungs and the trip to the vet was torture for her.

I was NOT going to keep her alive in pain for selfishness, but God, my kitties are all old. I don't know how people work there and go through that every day.

I got in the house and called for Morgie, Shadow, and......Baby. The house is very silent without her.
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Trump meets Lavrov

So....Trump had Sergei Lavrov in the Oval Office, and once again barred American press from covering it.

We'll have to wait till Tacc does a piece about it to find out how the meeting went.

Okay, stop and put your head between your knees till the irony goes away. When your ears stop ringing, you're safe to straighten up.

Oh, gee whiz, if only somebody had warned us about what a traitorous scumbag Trump was. Gee whillikers, how unfortunate that nobody with testicles and the credibility that comes with bragging about sexual assault (or writing how 13-year-old girls are ready for sex and babies) had warned us!

Meanwhile, for weeks now the asshole whose daughterwife works in the White House scooping up business deals with the Chinese is trying to claim that the son of his supposed political rival was corruption personified. That explains why he strongarmed the young President of a country (that is currently under attack by his murderous idol Vladimir Putin) into slandering that political rival's son. No slander, no weapons and aid with which to defend his invaded country against Putin, who invaded in 2014. Tens of thousands of Ukrainians have died. No, excuse me. Those people have been killed by Russian soldiers or "Ukrainian separatists." Putin wants to be czar.

Yesterday, Mike Fuckabee tweeted this. This is my screenshot.

Do you get it now?
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So I heard some people are....

So Trump bragged---in gruesome terms----about how he got Baghdadi.

Jim Wright at Stonekettle Station said it was a good thing and that Trump did the right thing, or something like that----and a thousand people dropped him. Take a wild guess as to what those people are NOT going to do on election day, because, yeah, I can really see them holding a grudge that long.

So here are the relevant facts as I see them. Add them up and make your decision.

Trump betrayed the Kurds and let them be slaughtered just last week----in a region where loyalty and honor are paramount.

Trump allowed hundreds of ISIS fighters and supporters to escape as a result of the way he suddenly stabbed the Kurds in the back.

Baghdadi was a serial rapist and a vicious torturer who burned prople alive, beheaded them, tortured them, and committed so many atrocities that the English language lacks the foulness to adequately sum up the man. His absence improves the world.

Trump revealed operational details that could endanger future missions.

Trump revealed information that might identify the source who led to Baghdadi in his eagerness to sneer at Obama and brag about himself. He previously caused the death of at least one other source----the ISIS spy who exposed the "laptop battery explosives" plot that was known only to one or two people. He did this by BRAGGING to the Russian handlers he invited into the Oval Office, the way a weak person brags to try and prove how macho they are.

Trump also dismissed the dangers of freeing ISIS by saying, "They'll just go to Europe first," which is just so----!!!

Jim Wright said Trump deserved praise for getting Baghdadi. Yeah, he greenlighted the missiin and golfed through it. Trump's grotesque gloatimg is sure to enrage ISIS.

There you have it. You decide how it balances out----but whatever you decide, vote blue. The end.
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"Straight Pride"----because "incel nazis" isn't tuneful enough

Holy shit.

So you all remember that pathetic so-called "Straight Pride" parade a while back, that everybody who WASN'T a Reichwinger correctly pegged as a "Reichwing Incels Pride Undercover White Supremacy" parade?

Yeah, the Boston PD pepper sprayed all the antifa protesters, then arrested them, AND THEN one of the good ole boy judges refused to dismiss the ludicrous charges, which is like the KKK arresting NAACP marchers and charging them with "rioting".

No, actually, that's pretty much EXACTLY what happened. The judge even had one of the defense lawyers arrested when she attempted to read caselaw in court about how calling a cop "a pig" is a right and-----in the case of the Boston PD----merely truth in advertising.

All apologies to those of the porcine persuasion.

The judge----Richard Sinnott----was appointed by a Repub, and he is NOT one of those Repub judges that kind of pleasantly surprise you by actually *reading* the Constitution. The Repub governor who appointed him praised his "human rights record" without noting that "human" to Repubs means only "pale" and "male" and "Taliban without the turban."

Even by the standards of Repub hypocrisy, though, Sinnott throwing the book at protesters is like a whorehouse madam calling somebody else slutty. Turns out Sinnott himself *shot* a man, though he called it "self-defense" and *another* white dude got the charges dismissed. And shortly thereafter, Sinnott got sent to Iraq, which is exactly where you'd want to send a typical touchy hypocritical proto-Reichwing turbodouche, in case that war didn't meet your "fucked-up" requirement for the decade.

Note: all of the preceding and following remarks are deeply sarcastic, so don't @me, which ought to be considered NO DUH territory, because Jesus Christ, pal, who am I? (Was anybody else disappointed that the Sarlacc in RotJ wasn't some kind of sarcasm monster? No? Just me? Okay, moving on....)

So, anyway, here is some more sarcasm, while I dose myself with yet more tea because I have not yet discovered how much tea you can drink before you pee pure caffeine and then fishing in the rivers around your house becomes a brisk exercise in masochism.

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OMG, I painted my steps yesterday, and I feel like a virgin who just had sex with some fairy tale creature.

In terms of cheap therapy, it's up there with VACUUMING even, which is the gold standard.


Pictures soon.