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But the Nazis were socialist!

Yeah, if any Repubs try THAT argument just remind them that yesterday a Republican governor proclained it Nathan Bedford Forrest day. Forrest massacred hundreds of union soldiers---most of them black----and also started the KKK.

KKK? Nazis? One's local genocide, the other's international. What do they want? What would they do if there was no brake on their actions?

And, strangely, they love Repubs.

Signficantly, Trumpies have to go back 160+ years, before the parties switched places. And they deny that that happened. They also bring up Robert Byrd who renounced the Klan and was eulogized by the NAACP.

Then they disappear, because they know they're lying.

Trump came up with "fake news", which is the ultimate sign of defeat. Imagine what a snowflake you have to be to invent these complex fantasy worlds to prop yourself up. (I saw one gamergator create EIGHT disqus accounts named "ginmar" so he could do ....whatever it is you do when you lie because you can't cope with reality.)

They know EXACTLY what they are doing. Don't let them get away with it.


Jul. 14th, 2019

If it turns out Bill Clinton molested or raped (NOT had sex with) any little girls, NOT "young women", Dems will reject him.

If it turns out Donald Trump molested and raped (not had sex with )little girls, his fans will reject the facts, not him.
God, the awful stomach aches are back again.

The VA told me to go to the ER.

So I did.

Then they declared it wasn't "emergent."

They're actively trying to kill veterans now.

They'd just diagnose me with "arthritis of the stomach" or something.


Dear Assholes Who Keep Repeating That Bullshit About Kamala Harris:


Fuck off with this shit. If you repeat this, this is your notification that you are knowingly, deliberately, repeating Reichwing bullshit promoted by shitsmears like Donald Trump, Jr., who is---in addition to being a fecal escapee from Senior's diaper----is also a sentient semen stain that was left out in the sun too long, resulting in a breakdown of the genes that give people actual chins.

It's like if you say "URANIUM ONE!" or "BENGHAZI!" or "PIZZAGATE!" I know who your sources are. I know where you go. If you consult those sources, you are rejecting facts and reality itself for the hatreds that you need to survive. I know, if fact, that you believe not the truth, do not verify facts, but soothe yourself with lies that you probably justify because you think it should be true.

Or maybe you want to believe you're important enough to be the subject of a conpiracy.

Spoiler: you're not.

Conspiracies are comfortable, they offer the solace that somewhere someone is in charge, and they prove your seventh grade teacher was wrong when she caught you beating up that fourth grader and she gave you that bewildering, almost pitying look as she grabbed you by the ear and took you to the guidance office.

The reality is far worse. What if huge numbers of people who grow up soaking and steeping in a culture get the same ideas because...they watch the same shows, read the same books, see the same TV programs, live in the same towns and they're not brought up to see that they're being conditioned?

And isn't it touching how misogyny always brings all sorts of disparate groups together to kumbaya about how evil women are? (If you can't tell this is sarcasm, get the fuck out.)

"Racism!" is the cry that certain politicians use to prove how woke they are. "Sexism!" gets lip service but it really makes everybody uncomfortable, because why pander to women, when everybody knows women don't deserve equality? Fighting racism usually centers on men, because men get killed more often than women by racists while women are subjected to various tortures that usually don't kill. This is all very rough estimation based entirely on the US. It's almost like some men like the idea that they inflicted invisible wounds on women that hurt forever and leave scars, which is why they let more of them live. So the suffering is prolonged.

That's why hatred of women burns so bright among all groups of men. You can hate other groups of people, keep them isolated and at a distance, but you need to keep a certain number of women alive. (This is why MRAs, incels, MGTOWS, and other professional misogynists fantasize about "artificial wombs"----so they can go all Screwfly Solution on women. Finally. Think I'm exaggerating? They call women "foid" and "roastie" and brag about and/or plan sexual assaults.)

What it all boils down to is that this shit has a history.

This will be your only warning, numbnuts.
If the VA hated me, it woukd be better than this indifferent shit.

Still dizzy all the time. The VA throws up its hands and goes, "oh gee, doing nothing hasn't helped, so let's just pretend it's all over."

The VA strikes again part OMG

Yes, the VA refuses to pay for my emergency room visit because it wasn't "emergent." How DOES that work? You have to get authorization. I guess the nurses pushing you to go get checked out IN THE ER doesn't count.Plus, the VA irself says you can go to the ER without authorization.But if you live, I guess that means it's not "emergent."

I tore my meniscus, went to the ER, and the VA sent me home with an ace bandage and crutches and told me it wasn't "emergent."I guess if you don't look for something you won't find it. It took those fuckers six months to do a fucking MRI and find out I'd torn my meniscus-----and a whole bunch of other things they never told me about.

And what if your emergency room visit requires follow up? Too bad. The "authorization" number doesn't have a REAL LIVE PERSON, JUST A MESSAGE. These assholes just want you to die, basically. Nobody's going to argue me out of that. Fuck them. I'm fighting it and I'll win. They're trying to make it as hard as possible to get care, to get better, because helping vets is no more their goal than working for the people od the Unoted States of America is Trump's.

Trump put his buddies at the VA. None of them have been closer to the military than TV.

For three months now, I've been so dizzy I wind up with ringing in the ears, sudden visits to the floor, and the inability to walk straight down the wall without leaning against something.

And the VA cares only about their paperwork.

Fuck them. I'm sitting down now and my head feels like it's floating.

Insurgents are more honest than the VA.
I don't understand where all the birdseed goes ....

Jun. 20th, 2019

Sorry for the spottiness. I just can't seem to shake this cough or the nausea or the dizziness. I have housework to do, dammit. I just hit a point after a few chores where everything aches.

Like now. Doctor Monday. Keep your fingers crossed.
God, I STILL feel like shit.


Shorter VA

Shorter VA:

If you don't have a car or are willing to spend dozens of hours or hundreds of dollars on cab fare, just die, k thx.

So much for "community care."

The VA strikes again

Male veterans have wives that do this shit for them. They remember the doctor's appointmenrs and names, keep the prescriptions filled, call the state reps.

Two phone calls: one on hold for FIFTY TWO MINUTES, the other TWENTY SEVEN.

The VA won't pay for me to see a non-VA doctor without first authorizing it. THAT phone number just hands out two OTHER phone numbers, one of which was the 27-minute hold. So HOW do you get that mythical "authorization"

You don't.

I've been sick for a month. I can't go see a doctor without authorization. There's nobody "in network" here. Too bad for you!

Trump put his buddies at the head of the VA. I wonder is there's a contract for burying all the vets who kill themselves because they don't live in network. The nurse I talked to shrugged it off when I pointed out one VA clinic was seventy miles away, another thirty. I don't drive or have a car. "You could make an appointment with..." (your old doctor. It's only four hundred miles round trip and TWELVE HOURS for a half hour consult.

"What do you expect me to do?" said the nurse.

Fuck you if you voted for him. I hope you get treated the way he really treats people, not the way his sniveling fans believe he treats people---i.e.;

Or this one;


There's Sarah Fuckabee Sanders, manning an oar, while John Bolton looks in the wrong direction, and Trump has apparently switched places with Bizzarro World Trump.

Here's Cadet Bone Spurs standing on a box and getting handsy with Bob Meuller, who could snap him like a twig.

And here's Trump, doing.....something. Notice how when Melania appears, she's a supportive spouse who doesn't slap his hand away.

Remember what happened to Isadora Duncan, Donald? No, she didn't dance at the center pole at the Kittycat Lounge on Wednesdays.

No, seriously, this is what these assholes believe of their orange Cheetolini and by extension themselves. They have to lock themselves away from all but a few paranoid websites and one "news" network lest reality intrude, but that's fine with them. They'll take pretty lies over the ugly truth. How do you fight that?
Still struggling with the flu. I spent 52 minutes on hold with the VA and gave up. Tomorrow I start again.


I just HATE the flu. Part of it is just not having air. It's been a month. I want to breathe. It's like having a hangover but no party beforehand.

A month of coughing is frickin' exhausting.
I'm trying to avoid coverage of Der Donald, frankly, because who needs an ulcer? Except for the protests in London. Good for the Brits.

I'm waiting for the shoe to drop. What's the next step? Trump and Barr refuse to cooperate, how do you make them? Can Barr be arrested? Jailed?

Trump thinks the entire US is his to ruin, plunder, and loot. He thinks Barr is his employee and the DOJ exists to protect him. Oh, yeah, and he wants to erase everything Obama did, because he's a weenie whinyass babyman.

He thinks refugees are job applicants who won't accept that he doesn't want to hire them. That TV show really fed his appetite for attention.

I wrestle with whether he's conscious of it. His lies are so blatant and so vicious that their effect can't be accidental. Of course his lies are at the level of a second grader. "No puppet! No puppet! You're the puppet! I didn't say "nasty." Hillary started it. I have people in Hawaii now, it's stunning what they're finding."

And his followers HAVE to know they're lies.If they were true believers, they wouldn't be trolling, like he is. It's pure malice and evil. It's right there every time these delicate souls scream with outrage that there is a black man and a woman in Star Wars, or that Bree Larson dared to point out that the press corps was all male. They want everything to be all white male. That's the point. They want men to have all the admiration and the power, while they force everyone else to obey them for scraps-----but make sure you grin when you do it, because these tyrants see their inadequacies reflected in any effort or sweat or pain their hostages let slip. Ever wonder about the "Cool Girl" who brags she gobbles five cheeseburgers every day and never works out and effortlessly maintains her size 0? Yeah, she's lying. Ever wonder about those guys who just HATE hearing about women working out, starving themselves, and all that so they maintain the skeltal thinnness these bros demand? Notice the "skinny mommy EASILY loses baby weight in weeks" trope? Yeah, that's the same thing. Men demand perfection from women. They don't want to see the effort it takes, so they demand women pretend it's effortless. That way they don't have to deal with what selfish assholes they are. That's why they demand women smile and fake orgasms. It's just that women don't count as human to these guys, so when women speak up, it's like a chair acting silly and demanding men not sit on them. They're offended.

It's even worse for black women. White men think black women are carpets under their feet. That means white women become complicit, not to take the metaphor too far. Black women get it from EVERYBOODY, and it's so all-encompassing, brutal, total, and yet often spiteful that it requires its own discussion, because there's nothing like it. Metaphor is too cheap for that. Only brutal details can convey the breadth of that horror----including the betrayal of black women by white women.

So this is what the Trumpers want. Are you ready to fight?

This was miving furniture, by the way.

Jun. 5th, 2019

Frankie does not like me right now. Let's hope getting re-acquainted with his mom, uncle, and brother makes him feel slightly more forgiving.
Dear LJ: WHY do you fucking keep asking me if I want to "restore from saved draft" after I've already said no? Yeah, that. Three times. You remind me of some guys I've dated, who either really believe that "women say no but mean yes" bullshit or who don't respect the word "no" coming from a woman. Either way, if I say "no", and you make it say it again, your ass is in sincere danger of getting kicked six ways to Sunday.

Christ, I hate the fuckin' flu. STILL have a cough and a sore throat, but it's now spring, and I feel like the flu is the disease equivalent of Donald Trump. Nausea, sore throat, ear ache, light headedness, profound pain in the ass. How do you measure the flu? I managed to stagger out with the recycling several years ago, but recycling is every two weeks, and I think I missed recycling day. Gotta recycle, man, I like doing that. Yeah, I'm a cheap date.

Everything is flowering. It's not fair.

Plus, when I open the porch and kitchen windows, the scent of lilacs sweeps through the house. There's lilies-of-the-valley everywhere. My favorite thing is putting lilacs and lilies-of-the-valley together in a bouquet. If I could make a drug that felt like that smelled, I'd be a zillionaire.

I'm half-listening to the TV right now and it's very disconcerting to hear President Snow from The Hunger Games extol orange juice. Is it poisoned or something? It's just bizarre, he uses the same avuncular tone of voice.

People talk about gaslighting, but do you know what is? In it's simplest form, it's this.

Person A says something. You hear it; they know you heard it.

Person A denies it. Sometimes they attack you. They know what they said. It's deliberate and calculating.

Like this:

This is a screen shit I did myself ten seconds ago. That audio was posted by the very account that denies Trump said it. Watch the excuses fly!

And then watch the stenographers try and normalize it by saying crap like that, "But there's a dispute....a mistake....misinterpretion....what-the-fuck-ever."

IT'S LYING. The end.

Don't forget, don't back down. They're trying to redraw YOUR boundaries. Don't let them.

The Brits are flying giant Trump baby balloons.That's what gets under his skin.


There's bothing like shaving a cat's ass before caffeine AND getting squirted because her anal glands are like Captain Marvel's fists to realize that you are, indeed, living out the height of glamor.

Two of my kitties are big girls. By which I mean they are both ottomans, and I mean the empire and not the furniture. This means there are certain....delicate....areas they cannot manage on their own. Yeah, I buy surgical gloves by the boxload these days. Glamor, I tell you.

And can we talk about how the DOD is missing a HUGE opportunity to defend the homeland here? Jesus Christ, I thought cat farts were lethal. If you could cross decomposing musk oxen with Republican diarrhea after watching "The Vagina Monologues" and give ut a spritz of crotch rot and Taco Bell toots, you'd have an idea of what a truly inhumane WAD a cat fart can be.

But anal gland effluvia is a whole other level in aromas that break the laws of God and Man and possibly science. Add all of the above, plus the kind of sour sweat that an incel accumulates on his danglies after he watches a bunch of women having fun who do not give a shit about his opinion of their looks, size, hair color, or glasses; add to that that back sweat of an angry Puritan like Mike Pence who has just realized that women still have vibrators, and finally mix in the distilled essence of Trump's tighty whities ater he's worked himself into a frothing rage at the dim realization that he is a horrible person and nobody believes his lies because he keeps not paying his yes men. Add to that a huge helping of pus from a boil on Mike Huckabee's ass from he got bit by a dog who hated him on sight because who doesn't, and finally mix with the rotting ooze from an oil spill that Repubs like to brush off as no big deal. Mix well. Try not to pass out. Aim toward Moscow. You knpw theittle buggers won't cooperate if you actually want then to unleash the, er, Krakken, so you're on your own there.

I need to go check to see if I still have eyebrows. Like Paris in the 20s around here, I swear

Get your flu shot, people

So I have had the genuine flu for two weeks at this point. I say "genuine" because Miss Havisham claimed she'd had the flu as an excuse not to feed the cats, and now I know she was so full of shit her eyes turned brown.

As always, this is just a statement of fact. No need for "sorry you've been sick." Over it. Pissed off, really, because I have shit to do and when I changed the litter boxes, I kept greying out so I had to sit down. Pain in the ass. I HATE being sick. Can't read, can't watch TV, can't do shit.

The flu is awful, and I don't even think I got a really bad case of it. Dizzy, coughing, chills, nausea, stuffed-up head, constant headache, horrible cough, wheezing for breath, unsteady on your feet to the point of stumbling, and so light-headed as to gray out? Yeah, she had none of that. The cats get fed. The end.

Last time I had the flu was in 2004, when it went through the barracks in Texas and hit everybody. Texas was cold, wet, and there was a Bible-thumper two bunks over. Just shoot me now. "Is that a good book?" She asked me once, maniacally grinning.

"Yeah, it's great, it's by----"

"I have a great book, too!" She bulldozed in. "It's called THE BIBLE."

Beware the man who has read only one book," goes the phrase. Is your faith so delicate that any contradiction would shatter it?

Whoops, no caffeine yet. Why can't they add caffeine to flu shots? To desserts? To everything?


Seriously, the flu is awful. I'm still not over it, but hppefully I'm on the upswing. I still can't hear out of one ear, and I walk like I'd fail a sobriety test, but I've gotten my flu shots every year but this one. If you can, remember herd immunity, and you can avoid looking like an extra from The Walking Dead.



God, get your frickin' flu shot. It's been two weeks, and it's only the last few days I can go for a whole hour without coughing.

Today, I reeled out on the front steps to get the recycling bins, after setting them out last Monday.That's how weak I've been. They pick up every two weeks and I recycle everything I can. I usually wind up recycling shit tons of cardboard, because OMG, thank Gawd for Chewie's prices on cat litter. It's just SO much easier to get it delivered.

Still really dizzy, still getting blazing hot and freezing cold by turns. I dumped out two litter boxes, cleaned them, got the bags of dirty litter as far as the back porch, then had to sit down abruptly while little white stars danced around me.

Still stuffed up and coughing, but it feels "softer." I found I had twenty five bucks in cash, so I called the free bus service here and treated myself to water and grapes and potatoes. The bus service here is amazing. It's free for veterans and the disabled, plus they pick you up at your doorstep. Did I mention the "free" thing? Like, FREE?? TOTALLY FREE? And the bus drivers are pushing for longer hours, more routes, more stops, because that would be so much more convenient for the people who use the bus. Plus, it can't hurt for them to get more work, you know?

I got home and collapsed on the daybed in my sunny, silent dining room, only to wake up with piles 'o cats on me.

Then I discovered that it is, in fact, possible to eat TOO MANY grapes. But, still, it's a good sign. They're addictive.

Aaaaannnnd, God, I need a nap. Again.


I want happy Drogon and Ghost fanfic right now, dammit.

Also, I want Drogon to do that thing where certain speicies change genders. You know what I mean.

I'm just fucking ignoring just about everything else.

"extraordinary access"

Just so you know, Trump accused Nancy Pelosi of treason for saying "horrible things" about him

Why, yes, she called him an "extremely stable genius", which is how he describes himself. Plus a dig for when he started to act Presidential, she'd be happy to work with him.

THAT is how thin-skinned this whyass tittybaby is.

Now consider this. He's giving Barr access to intelligence including codes, names, locales. We've had a mole in the Kremlin for years.

Putin desperately wants that mole.

Trump has destroyed the US'alliances, destroyed our economic partnerships,cozied up to dictators.

He's already gotten agents killed. Remember the "laptop battery bomb" scare in 2016? Trump booted US press (who he calls "the enemy of the people") out of the Oval Office to usher Russian "press" in, along with Sergei Kislyak's entourage. He bragged about all the sooper sekkrit intel he had. That battery plan came from Israeli intel, and it had only circulated in a few cells when Dumpo blurted to Kislyak that they could even drink real grown-up drinks from the GROWN UP BAR in the White House, because all the grown ups were gone.

And shortly thereafter, several Israeli agents went dark.

Jamal Khashoggi was disciplined by the Saudi royals a few months before his murder.....for criticizing Trump. Now Trump is saying it's treason to say "horrible things" about him. Or "the truth", as it's called among grown ups.

Sleep tight.


Oh. Great.

Unless I come up with $250 by May 29th, my lights here are going to be cut off. Maaaayyyybeeeeee not.....now.

Keep your fingers crossed.

I cannot get in front of all the damage she's done.
If ONLY somebody had fucked warned us!

I have the flu, so I'm on my frickin' phone, feverish, getting a headache from trying to focus my eyes, so don't expect italics or any fancy shit right now. Also, I fuvking HATE being sick. I have a new caulk gun. I know there's a few peoople who could use a rectal caulking but leave that to SNL, I guess.

So, fuck your protest vote. I don't care if you're a woman.

When a SCOTUS seat and peoples' basic humanity is at stake, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A PROTEST VOTE.

And now LOOK AT US.

You happy now? Got enough attention?

There was never any Uranium One. The emails were bullshit, as was whining over the war vote, because Bernie voted for a LOT of war-related stuff. Oh, but he didn't vote THAT ONE TIME FOR THAT ONE THING and when she says she regrets it it's because she's lying? Do you realize how Trumpian that is?

The sexism on the Left is worse than the sexism on the right because at least they're honest. The left is not. 2016: "Oh, I'd totally vote for Warren if I could!" 2019: "I just don't like her, she's not....likeable." While she has that vagina, you mean. While she's of an age where she doesn't fit in with any of those acceptible roles you have for women: young hotties you should feel guilty about,
potential dates, hot professors, maybe that divorced neighbor, that coworker you might fuck if you're given a chance....but any woman older than THAT? Older than you? Ew, disgusting, that's my mom's age, get it away!

And as for the lefty women who joined in that dogpile? You can throw as many other women under the bus you want, but you're still going to wind up there yourself. There's a lot of guys who tell themselves that they're not driving the bus, so they're not at fault for all those women, but they change the oil, fill the gas tank, rotate the tires, and pay the driver's salary.

And they hint that if "you're one of the guys" you might get to climb on and have a seat, instead of chasing after. Yeah, that's a lie, but it's better than dealing with the truth, which is that more men hate women than not, and on the left, the hatred is hidden by denial and cries of "reverse sexism". Lefty men have learned that they need Reichwing men because that way they can keep the bar low. Instead of treating women fairly, you get, "Well, I'm better than Trump, aren't I?" ------and then he goes off on a spittle-flecked rant about Hillary Clinton is evil, somehow, in a way he can't put his finger on. But he resents you asking, because you're supposed to take his word for it.

Ever notice how a guy can have one bad experience with a women and it's totally okay for him to hate all women? If a woman has a bad experience with a man, it's her fault. SHE did something wrong. He's taken out of the equation, kind of like how NOBODY is suggesting in any of these anti-abortion states that maybe men should be punished, too. Men who refuse tou use birth control or sabotage it. Men who *pretend* to use birth control, but discard it. Men who rape. Men who tell themselves it's not rape because "she didn't say no." Men who have one political party when it comes to women: keep power. That's all. Keep power.

And now they've done it. See, the thing those nice lefty boys don't want you to know it, even if they engage in big‐S sexism like the Reich, they still benefit mightily from ut. There's no refuge for women where they don't have to fight every bloody day. Sexism that keeps the standards for men low means women have nowhere to go, can't ask for better, can't trust men. If men REALLY gave a shit about women, it would be WOMEN who mattered to them, not their hurt feelings. "You were mean to me, feminazis, so I'm going to vote for Trump!" is not something an actually ally would say. This was a guy who got caught loading up his plate at Craft Services and got angry when asked to show his swipe card.

And now? Look around. How many dead women are walking around now, not knowing that they are the next Savita Hallapanovar or Gerri Santoro or Becky Bell or Rosie Jiminez.

When Becky Bell dued, anti choicers attacked her and her parents, trying to deny an illegal abortion killed her. Now they just don't care. They dismiss facts as "fake news", led by that dictator cock holster they call President.

The Trumpies like hurting people. They like that aspect of abortion. Stop trying to educate them. They know all this stuff, they just reject it because facts are a barrier to them, not a stepping stool.

The fake lefty "allies" try to co-opt it, make it a cause they can wave around, even though they had the chance to end it three years ago and refused. It just didn't matter enough.

So now the fight begins. What are you going to do?

In other news....

So, hey, in a combination of "cheap date" and "how's THAT for a change of subject?" I just got a sink plunger and OMG this thing is amazing. I can hardly wait to try and use it on the other house's drains.

Yeah, I know, I know....

Two more utility bills arrived this week for HER, and P wants me to somehow find $200 for Greyhound and $250 for Uhaul to come down next week to do more cleaning.

It just keeps going on and ON.

I'm worn out and I have a really bad cold that makes me cough a lot.
I mean, I assume there's one where cats exchange tips about that "sucker over there who's really embracing the old lady without fucks". Why can't there be a secret meeting place where cats can look at THIS?

Yeah, THAT is a suffering cat.

Here they are, again, "helping." I can't move certain boxes because the kitties think they make GREAT sunbathing beds.



.....so mysterious, aloof, dignified, inscrutable....


So, since about Saturday, I've been struggling with serious dizziness, to the point of having to hold onto things to keep from pitching over. That hasn't slways worked; I've had perhaps five falls since this began.

I went in for a checkup yesterday and they insisted on me going to the Er. Still don't know WTF is wrong, even after a CT. Vertigo? Some weird "corner" in one artery? Beats me. Still don't know. I associate this kind of dizziness with one of those awful headaches. There's also the fact that my family has a history of strokes. Soooo......
Let me get this straight. The Mueller Report totally exonerated Twitler, but he doesn't want it shown.

Yeah. Uh huh. That's like, "I TOTALLY have a hot girlfriend. She lives in....Canada. Yeah. You wouldn't know her."

Today, Stephanie Ruhle pointed out that one in six judges will be Twitler-appointed. Judges like the guy who released a school bus driver who raped a 14-year-old girl because there was only one victim. So, rape somebody, the first one's free? With ten, what do you get? The Presidency, two SCOTUS seats, the end of abortion rights, and a coup because it's not like somebody warned us, was it?

I thought then and my belief has only been confirmed since that when the "Grab them by the pussy" tape came out, that really helped Twitler's chances, at least among guys who think sexually-assaulting women should be legal. There's no political party affiliation for that one, not as long as liberal dewdz judge themselves against Reichwing predators and think that stubbing their toe on THAT low bar means they were wounded fighting for womens' rights, where's their cookies?

Can we end the pretense of explaining shit to Reichwingers? They KNOW ending abortion will kill women. That's their goal. Once that seal's broken, she's damaged goods. Notice how punishing impregnators is NEVER on the table? Yeah, if they DID think abortion was murder, those guys would be getting their scarlet letters on their chests, too, for depraved indifference or conspiracy or accessory before the fact. The way the Reichwing wants it, women get themselves pregnant. Guess unless a star rises over Bethlehem we're all fucked.

The only reason the RW is trying so hard to kill women is because they can't just haul us out to the parking lot and shoot us there, like they do in Saudi Arabia. Plus liberals will say nasty things about them, at least till the uppity women are gone.


You're not progressive if you use sexism to falsely accuse women, knowing that women still cannot accurately men and not be hated for it. And if you don't know this, you haven't paid enough attention. Yeah, don't @me, Berniacs or Johnny Depp fans. (And, no, half of DV victims are NOT men. That's pure MRA trash, why are you falling for it? Only CTS studies make that claim. Thanks for playing.)

The liberal poseurs need the Reichwingers so they look good by comparison. Meanwhile, remember all those dewdz in 2016 who'd "totally" vote for Hartis or Warren "if they could"? Yeah, they can now.

And they're saying the same shit now that they did about Hillary.


Mamakitty came running and chatting to me the other day, just like she used to! Even Jackie came close and deigned to investigate my hand, though he found it wanting. Romeo is still hanging back, as if *I* bit him instead of the other way around, but still....it's progress.

The rest of the bunch are training vigorously for the napping Olympics.

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