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Jun. 12th, 2014

drac emu
I've been going to the VA a lot. This is because a recent dental appointment aroused considerable horror at what PTSD had done to my teeth.

For those of you not keeping up on this, this is what happens when PTSD gets neglected: if your panic attacks are untreated and become unbearably terrifying, you often throw up out of, well, panic. That damages your teeth. Then if you keep gritting your teeth trying to stay in control despite nightmares and hallucinations, that further damages your teeth. So. I've had at least a half a dozen procedures just on my teeth since last fall.

They still can't get me to sleep, and my hands are still covered with raw blisters. I'm still amazed at the laundry thing. Who pulls clean laundry from a machine, dumps it on the floor, then whines they had to "do" "two" loads? Is there some new definition of "doing laundry" around that I haven't encountered?

The VA is having a huge scandal, I see. Show of hands. Who's shocked? Because I notice nobody covering this story is even hinting at the other shoe that's going to drop. Even when veterans do get those appointments, once they're there, their claims get denied, and the bureaucrats that wear down veterans from continuing the struggle for treatment and assistance get rewarded. You can't expect to make a profit from health care. That's just not the point of the industry. Only in America do people try and monetize something that's a human right.

In other news, I've had two things on my mind. First, there's the situation in Iraq. Gee, honey, look, we wrecked the country. This is what happens when you casually saunter into a country and attempt to impose an alien political system. This is also a warning to politicians who think ridding nations of tyrants can be done from outside. Unless there's viable organic options on the ground, deposing a strongman often destroys truces that exist between traditional enemies. As long as the strongman at the top gives former rivals a common enemy, uneasy peace is possible. ONce he's gone, all bets are off, unless you are willing to be the new hated party. That's what we did in Iraq. (It's also what happened in the former Yugoslavia once Tito died.) Now that we're gone the Sunni and the Shia are re-opening old wounds because there's no big American distractions. The insurgents are marching on Baghdad and I'd be surprised if they don't take it by Monday. I don't know how George Bush sleeps at night.

Another thorn in my side is this piece of shit, which is making its way around tumblr. Seriously, do all twentysomething social justice warriors go through a phase where they just---male, female, whatever----decide it's okay, even necessary, to hate women? And since when do you just just accept shit because somebody does a video?

To save you the trip, here's the basic issues:

1. The video comes from a mens' "rights" group in England. Erin Pizzey is involved, which ought to tell you something right there.

2. The video is obviously and badly-edited.

3. If you look closer at their sources, they cite Parity---another MRA group---and something called the Office for National Statistics, which in turn did a study of domestic violence. This is why you check methodology, people. It looks like the news about the Conflict TActics SCale has not yet reached the UK.

The CTS, for people who don't know, is the standard they used in the early Nineties, when Gelles and Straus were first studying domestic violence. The first iteration had lots of problems, which MRAs hope you don't know about, because they like to cite only studies which use that method. Among the issues are:

*Interviewing abusers and victims togehter. I'm sure that wasn't intimidating to victims at all.

*Self report. ABusers are notorious for claiming that the bitch hurt their fists with her face. You can thank MRAs for poisoning this particular well. I'm not going to apologize for being extremely skeptical about any MRA claim about DV.

*Omitting all enumeration of sexual assault, which the first researchers cited for "skewing" their research because it was so uniformly male-on-female. Since when does "unpleasant reality" count as skewing? But that's a common mindset for this type of person with this type of mindset.

*Removal of context. The oft-cited example is that of a husband who stabbed his wife twice, after which she defended herself with a pillow. According to CTS 1, they both committed two acts of violence. It is on sleights of hand and elisions like that that MRAs base their claims that men and women are equally violent. You can dismiss any such claims, because in order for this to be true, there'd have to be a massive female conspiracy going on, including a hugely-successful campaign to hide all the injuries inflicted.

*If I have to hear the phrase, "But men get taught they can't hit women!" Apparently lots of guys are failing that lesson because lots of men are hitting, raping, and seriously injuriing women, to the point of miscarriage and death. There's an obsession with justifying male "self defense", which for certain bunches of young, white, male libertarians means, "Hitting much smaller women for whatever you think is a good excuse." Nobody ever points out that if they took this mindset toward anyone but a woman, they'd get called out on their unsportsmanlike mindset. And of course then there's the sheer cowardice of conveniently finding somebody who's a foot shorter and a sixty pounds lighter more infuriating than you find someone your own size. What, does having a vagina make you so evil that violence is an eagerly-sought solution? If you doubt women are hated, just bring this up.


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Jun. 13th, 2014 03:05 am (UTC)
A personal note concerning your sleep problems:
Some years ago (2002) my wife was suffering from General Anxiety Disorder/Panic attacks - which has symptoms very similar to PTSD. Like you, she found it impossible to sleep for months.
After trying many different medicines - none of which worked - most made it worse. She was placed on Mirtazapine (Remeron). That night she got up and went to the bathroom. I heard a thud and found her passed out on the floor.
I was, of course, panicked but carried her back to bed and attempted unsuccessfully to revive her. I could not wake her and was about to call 911 (We lived way out of town) when I noticed that she seemed to be sound asleep, not unconscious. She had a solid night's sleep - then and after. For her Remeron was a life-saver. I don't know if you've tried this drug - it affects different people differently, but it might be worth asking your MD about.
Jun. 13th, 2014 04:31 am (UTC)
I've tried it. It was horrible.
Jun. 14th, 2014 12:39 am (UTC)
Sorry it didn't work for you. One thing we discovered about psy-drugs is how much they vary in their effects from person to person - My wife had to try a good many but eventually found a combo that worked. She is now off all but a mild Zoloft and thinking about dropping that.
Hang in there - looking back at your past years' posts, I think you have already come quite a ways toward licking this thing.
Jun. 13th, 2014 04:18 am (UTC)
MRAs = "Hi, I'm an asshole! And proud of it!"

Speaking of assholes, that's how Bush can sleep, because assholes, lacking any semblance of anything even remotely related to a conscience, always sleep better than decent folks. :(
Jun. 16th, 2014 10:16 pm (UTC)
Your comment here is just perfection!
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