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Help an LJer---this is severe need

drac emu
This is one of the worst cases I've run across, and of course, I had to pull it out of the person who's suffering through it. This economy inflicts emotional damage on people in a way that's never spoken of, and it's insidious.

She's facing foreclosure Friday if she can't come up with two mortgage payments. The total is $1300. She's diabetic, but she can't afford insulin---which costs $700---or even the doctor visit to get prescribed the less expensive stuff. She can't even buy the test strips to test her blood sugar. She's selling off Star Wars memorabilia on ebay. This is like something out of Dickens. I'm going to replace her computer power supply and see what else I can personally come up with.

She's another soft-spoken geek, cheerful against the odds, but nobody should have to fight this fight on their own. There's lots of people out there; if every one of us donated a buck or two---less than a cup of coffee costs----we can help her. Then we start figuring out what we can do in the long term. Hey, I'm making plans to move there. Can you imagine the geeky movie nights?

I'm trying to think of an incentive kick in thing I can do. If I donate a dollar or five dollars for every thing she sells on Ebay, would that make people donate more? I don't know. I just know this is a horrible situation and I want to make it better, and I think that's what lots of people think when they run across this.

A cup of coffee or two. I think it's a great investment. And if you can't, can you boost the signal? We can do this. We've saved other people from foreclosure, from being booted from their houses, found homes for cats. I can't describe what you all have done for me. I wouldn't be alive today except for some of the people that read this blog.

Her paypal is Jaegamer at gmail dot com. She also edits manuscripts for people. And there will be an auction set up tomorrow or the day after. Let's get going.

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